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188. Ask Yourself This: “But Am I Making Any Money?”


In this episode of the Sales Hacker Podcast, we have Marley Majcher, Boss at The Party Goddess! Inc. and author of But Are You Making Any Money?, a book she wrote to answer her dad’s persistent question and solve her own money problems. Join us for a funny and insightful conversation about entrepreneurship, productivity, making money, and managing time.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Why SMB owners need to track their time
  2. Understanding your personal productivity cycles
  3. Bringing enthusiasm and good humor to your work
  4. Alpacas are not the same as Faroe sheep

Show Agenda and Timestamps

  1. About Marley Majcher & The Party Goddess [1:55]
  2. The origin story for Marley’s book [7:52]
  3. The mindset you need to develop about money & time [12:58]
  4. Event planning in the time of COVID-19 [19:20]
  5. An amazing story about an A-list celebrity and “strategic leakage” [23:08]
  6. Sam’s Corner [26:25]

One two one: Three: Three: Everybody,Sam Jacobs, welcome to the sale hacker podcast we've got a great guest on theshow. This week we've got the party goddess, the number one event plannerin La and a small business coat her names Marley major and it's a greatconversation. So we're really excited to bring it to you before we get there.We've got a couple sponsors. The first is out reach outreaches the first, andonly engagement and intelligence platform built by revenue, innovatorsfor revenue, innovators outwich allows you to commit to accurate salesforecasting, replace manual process with real time guidance and, unlikeactionable cost customer intelligence that guides you in your team to winmore often traditional tools. Don't work in a hybrid sales world find outwhy outreach is the right solution, a click tout right, dot, io forward,slash, three: Zero M, P C: okay, that's the link. Click dhow reached out ioforward. L Three Zero MPC write that down we're also sponsored by pavilion.Pavilion is the key to getting more out of your career. Our private membershipgets you access to thousands of like minded peers, dozens of courses inschools for Pavilion University and over one thousand workbooks templatesscripts and playbooks to accelerate your development. Pavilion members gethired twenty two percent more quickly paid fourteen percent more promoted onethird, more often than their peers unlock the career of your dreams byapplying to day AT JOIN PAVILION COM and we're also brought you by Konga. Asdoing business becomes increasingly complex, it gets harder to do it willwho do it? Well, businesses often sacrifice agility and lose sight of thecustomer experience, Congos expertise and comprehensive solution. Sweet forcommercial operations, transforming the documents and processes surroundingcustomer engagement, CP and COM help businesses meet customers needs, whileincreasing agility to adapt to change, go to Kanga, Ford, ash sales hacker tolearn more now, let's listen to my conversation with Marley majoreverybody at Sam Jacob's. Welcome to the sale sacker podcast today on theshow we've got Marley Major Marley is known as the Party and Prophet Goddess.She is Ella's number one event planner and a small business coach, helpingowners an entrepreneurs get the most out of their time, investments andmessaging. She has amazing stories from her work with a les celebrities, anactionable advice for today's entrepreneurs, she's been featured onshows such as Fox and friends, Fox business, MSNBC Good Day, a Bravo and ahost of other channels and she's. Also the author of the book, but are youmaking money were excited to have her Marty? Welcome to the show, thank youfor having Ma'am excited to be here. We're excited to have you, so I just read: You know an exciting andinspiring bio, but we like to start with your baseball card, where we learna little bit more about Your Business, so your name's Marley majors did I dowe pronounce your last name correctly. You did and it's such a funny spellingand everybody thinks that it's much more complicated than it is, but it'sPolish, and so it probably is much more complicated than it is, but I justdon't know it or we're not in full, and so thank God. So so tell us about yourbusiness you're known as the party and profit goddess, but you do two thingsright, you're, an event planner and you throw amazing events and also you're asmall business coach walk us through what you do sure, okay, so the bottomline is, I got into the restaurant business right after I got my businessdegree from Georgetown, which is kind of a random segue. I mean you, don'tusually go to Georgtown and then say: Oh I'm going to go into the restaurantbusiness, but I married a chef, and so that was kind of my path and from therestaurant business we took over banquet operation started a catering,company, etc, etc, and you know very long story short thatwould take. You know twenty weeks of podcast Pani split and I kept getting these offers. Thankgoodness we owned the land where the restaurant was and or is, and we keptgetting these offers to part up, and my dad is like listen. You know your lifeis a hot mess. At this point. We keep getting these offers to partner up whatyou love is the events. Why don't you do that and I was like no? No, I can'tyou know talk about not being able to...

...get out of your own way and thenfinally, I had a really bad skiing accident, which forced my hand, so Iwas like okay. Well, I guess here's the final message from God- and I you knowwe partnered up with this other group, and I was at a very low point in mylife I mean I had a one year old, I'm here I am getting in very publicdivorce in a pretty small town and what town were you in I'm in Pasadena?California might as well be. You know the real housewives of you know,Passini of Beverly Hills, New York, like all of them just rolled into onelittle hot mess, and I love passing. I mean I'm from there, but let me tell you: It is a very, verytiny town when it comes to anything exciting happening. So I I was at a low point in my life and nowI'm like what am I going to do. I was like I love the events. My Dad wasright, so I'm Goin to rebrand myself, and what do you do when you are at alow point in life? You come up with the e, like best name you could think ofwhich I was like I'm going to call myself the party goddess and I remember being at my first event in Laand when was this by the way. This is two thousand and first my first eventin La, and I was literally shaking like a leaf because La and New York are verycompetitive markets there. You know talk about like people who are just onfire with themselves and my boyfriend at the time, as I did have time forthat. Introduce me as like. Oh Yeah, this is the party got us and I rememberjust people like the party got us like bubble and I was like. Oh my God. Iwill one day eat you for lunch and of course I did you know later. I, likeyou know, came back and crush people, but it was. It was like practically ajoke like who says they're the party goddess when they are basically like ina ditch. You know bleeding out, but that's what I did and then I pulled itoff. But I one thing that I was had to be very focused on was how I was goingto be set myself apart, because they're, two very, very saturated markets, and Ithink, that's kind of a huge, huge message for today. People going tobusiness thinking like oh I'm just going of a great website around. I havethe best instagram account and it's so much more than that, and then myproblem, though, was that I was so focused on my sales and not on myprofit and on that profit connection, and that I was like okay here we goagain now I'm going to have another hot mass and I eventually went to write mybook, but are you making any money? Is all my own problems and it was after aconversation. I had the nine thousand conversation with my dad pot. Ninethousand point, nine million or my dad was like, but are you making any money?I mean, like I had like on we're doing Brittany, spears and we're doing thisand he's like I don't know pretty scars is like at apart of one in a closet, hewouldn't know her and he was just like, and then I was like. Oh my gosh, I'mright back in the same spot and then I ended up writing this book and thenthat's the only reason I became a coach but you're, probably like who, in God,Green Land, would hire you to coach them, but in reality it was like thatwhole thing of like. If you go through a a or o you, you know you have asponsor who's been there. Well, let me tell you, I knew all the tricks, and soI am actually a really good business coach because I don't put up with any Boloney. I'm like,listen if like challenged party of one here, can reform you can to so that's you said you want an interestingconversation. It have you brought it so there you do so we are the middle of it.You were in. We are in the middle of that Balone salice. I will let you take it from there. Thank you. Well,the I want to know lot more about your book, so so this is a phrase from yourdad. Is Your Dad still around by the way? Yes, yes, Mr Major, we love God.Oh yes, it's on so many levels. You...

...have no ideler he's a big figure inyour life, for I very whether he has wanted to be or not. He is a hugefigure. Yes, yes, he is all right, so give us the cliff notes for, but areyou making any money? Obviously it's about it's about people that arefocused on you know sales or revenue not profit, but- and you said, you'vegot all the tricks in the book, but give us you know, give us the synopsisand then also you mentioned tricks or tips, or you know give us some so someinsights, so so the bottom line is, is that here I was. You know this girl,who obviously you know, got my business degree from Georgetown. The disconnectfor me was the fact that I had a really tough time applying what I learned in business school to myown business, and I find a lot of entrepreneurs have the same thing rightlike you, can read it in a book, but reading it in a book what your cost ofgood soul should be and what your profit should be and how much youshould spend on marketing. You know it's like I remember, reading astatistically O, it should be ten percent on marketing or it should be,but then you're like well, okay, what all goes into that and like how doesthat figure into the cost of like the chicken salad that were that wereselling? And it just all felt like such a jumble to me and- and I think whathappens is you get into your own business and you get into your own headand then you get into your own head and it's like all common sense goes, andthe other thing I found is that creative people have- and yes it's astereotype. So I'm sorry for the hate mail you're going to get the creativepeople seem to have the sphere of numbers, and what I found is that, likeyou know, I could be coaching like a lawyer who had just won X Y Z amount.You know whatever litigation in the case and they want to go and starttheir own business and start a business. You know, I don't know Bacon cupcakes,let's say and all of a sudden they just feel stupid and women like we have thisimpostor syndrome and like Oh, my gosh, I don't know enough to start mybusiness and you just get in your head and you're like and all of a suddeneverything becomes very difficult, and so what I boiled it down to was wait aminute. It is not that complicated the world want to think it's complicatedaccountants want you to think it's complicated and I took a very simplemodel of cost: a good soul. And then you know you got your mark up, but thatseems to really freak people out, but but my secret sauce really involvestime, because that is where we all blow it. We completely do not take intoconsideration how much time it takes to produce our product or service. Maybewe get that part right, but how long it takes to get the customers how long ittakes to drive? Let's if for a misuse or something how long it takes to driveto the customer unpack your stuff, you know set the table up. So it's like, ohwell. How much do you charge I'm making this up a hundred dollars an hour? Okay?Well, the massage is an hour. I make a hundred dollars an hour. It's like! Oh,no! You do not and you're lucky if you're, making five dollars an hour,and I call that my McDonald's moment because after my dad had asked me thatquestion you know, but are you making any money about the thousand times whenI really started just taking out a piece of paper and writing down howmuch what my cost were for my last event- and I just felt like it was this never endinglaundry list? I was like Oh, but wait. I forgot about that. Oh that's right. Itipped the Valet when Oh, that's right, I bought lunch for the staff and Istarted realizing. That's where all the money is going. You know you say how doI not have this in my bank account and so one day I just sat down and was likeI'm gonna freaking find it I'm going to be like Heraldo Rivera opening thattomb. I am going to find you know Jimmy...

Halfer, whoever he was looking for and just have to talk. The pone is okay. Iguess we're still kind of looking for Jimmy Maputo out. The coin is lookingfor alcoto anyway. He didn't find him, but I did find where all my money wasgoing, and that is what my secret sauce is is I make people track their timeand women are very good at relating to what is it like to be on a diet rightand when I have been on a diet? My trainer told me like okay cut the colors, and I came back a weeklater and I gained a pound and she was like how how could you like? I get itif you have a boss O who who gains a pound when they're on a diet? Well, youknow, then she makes me write it down. Guess what it's like. Oh, I had ahandful of Mams here. It's like Oh, had a Cappuccino. Oh it had a non fat, milk.Well, okay, that doesn't mean that non fat mill yet's great, not that nough.But it's all S, calories right, like time still adds up. Tips to valetsmight only be three dollars or shipping of linens or shipping of Xiz might onlybe an extra five dollars ten dollars. But it's like chip chip chip and whenyou take a minute and really dig in that's where you go, oh, that's whereit's going and then you just take the formula and- and youjust you fix it and you can fix your business and it's an easy. It's an easyeffect, but you got to write it all down. So is it? Do you find yourselftelling people to raise their prices? Is that sort of like one of the keypieces of advice or is it stop tipping ballets at doesn't sound like the rightway. I opting valets. Actually I'm going to double down on that and sayit's about tipping valets, much more and feeding your crew very good lunches,but in all seriousness, what it it's about. A mindset. It's about a mindsetthat I don't care, how much somebody charges that I'm coaching, I don't carewhat their goals of how much they want to make. Are I care to the extent thatI want them to be happy and successful right, but it is none of my business ifthey want to work for five dollars an hour okay, but I want them to knowthey're working for five dolars an hour and if they know they're working forfive dollars an hour and still choosing it great, no worries. But it's aboutthe discipline of saying here are my cost. Here's how much time it's goingto take, and this is how much I'm making in my current scenario right andthen, if I don't want to make five dollars an hour, then I need to raise my prices or oneof my other big things. Is You get a lot more efficient and it is amazinghow much fat you can cut when you focus on being officiant, because we allwaste so much time. You know we just like. Oh you drive to the like event.Planners are famous for it. We drive to the walk through then we have thismeeting. Then you know we have a face to face meeting with a client or youget on another call or text or whatever it's not efficient, and then you justbleed out with the time and before you know, you haven't made any mommybecause you're disorganized, but you not have a plan. So that's what itreally is about it's just about what is the plan? A kind of knowing yourself tolike? Do you tend to spend too much time on the intake process with theclient like what I see so many times with my clients, as if they're in aservice related business, they'll put so much time into the proposal or intothe getting the information got? That's great, but there's got to be a prequalification part which is, I got some information and this client is nevergoing to be able to pay my rates. You know, and they are not a good fit next instead of Oh but I'll, just seeif it can't work out after I ve put,... know five hours into this proposal,so it's about awareness and decision making and the course correcting, andthat's all you do. Is You just keep tweaking till you get it to the pointwhere you're like okay? This is good. Now, that's simple! It's very difficultto I shouldn't it's very difficult. It takes discipline to put into place. Butyes, it really is that simple. I mean you have to sit down and say: Where arethings going wrong and I can say that you know everybody has kind of adifferent problem. Yes, and no most people don't know what are their topearning activities right. It's like we start the day as entrepreneurs and it'slike this flood gate opens, and we just do whatever comes at us. Instead ofwait a minute. You know, I think it's David Allen or who the productivity guywho says, like you know or or no no excuse me, Steven Covey, it's about thebig rocks. You know you do. The big rocks the most important things. First,then, all that other stuff about like changing your phone plan. You knowordering this or that comes way after you've made all your sales calls forthe day you know or way after you've done your hard work that is actuallygoing to bring in the business and instead we do the work that we gotinto the business for you know which is perhaps making instru stories orcreating fine things in San Ba. You know it is often not now I'm going tocall that client see if I can get a deposit, but that's what you have toyou know, that's what you have to do. You have to close the deal. They agreewith you and I think it's interesting. A lot of people start their day by youknow, opening up their laptop or their computer and checking their email, andwhat I always say is your email is. Somebody else is to do list because areall people sending you messages? That's not you deciding what you want to doand how willingly we surrender. You know how willingly we is that the firsttime anybody has ever said, like don't check your email first in the morning,of course not, but it's like I'll just like I'll. Let somebody give medirection like I'll. Let somebody tell me where, to start and before you knowit, your day is shot and you can bind an email with a couple calls or text,and you have completely surrendered your power and especially, if you're inLa, because you can only do three things a day in La Oh, my God, three and then now thatpots, legal and whatever forget it the whole it Manto. Now it's done to to owit's down to two and wet no comment anyway, but it takes discipline andthat's that's what separates people, though? That's what separates peoplewho are like? Okay, I've got this business, and now it's going to be, youknow, and it's a quasi hobby to somebody who's going to scale it. It isI'm going to get this right, I'm going to focus on my margins and then I'mgoing to focus on okay. If these are my margins, how am I going to replicatethis? You know? Do I have to buy six other companies tomorrow in order tohit my goals? Maybe I mean that might be the only way, so you see what I'mafter? How do you tell me about the event, the event planning business? Howdid you respond to Ovid whow? Are Things going and what is your plan forfor growth well for Yeah, interesting that you say that I mean this is ofcourse unprecedented times. Thank goodness. All I can tell you is that Iam multifacted. What I mean by that is. I am able to adapt, fortunately orunfortunately, you know, I've had to pivot so many times in my life a lot oftimes because of you know, Messas I'd created myself, but you get really goodat seeing where the market is going, and I always looked at myself as anevent. Planner is got to be the...

...stepping stone, not that I didn't lovedoing it or don't love doing it. I do, but I knew that is you can only make somuch as an event planner right. Even if I get paid a million dollars to do anevent I mean I can't do two of those a night right and you still are dependingon staff, and how do you scale that? Okay? Well you scale it. You know theusual ways. You know you start a franchise. You do well that's harder inmy higher and market. So that's, ultimately one when it looked like. I had you knowkind of position to write a book. Then I was like okay. I could do thatbecause then, okay, I could do the coaching piece. Well, that's a littlemore scale, because then you can bring in the digital components but with Ovid.Thank goodness. We've had very, very, very loyal customers that we've had forever. Thank goodness, we had built a platform on on. You know having a lotof notable clients, and so what happened was we were getting a lot ofinterviews during ovid and so you're like well interviews are going to paythe mortgage right, but I start saying: Hey, listen. Can I be an influencer atthis stage in the game and start getting influence or gigs, because whathappened was people were like? Oh, my gosh, I haveXYZ product, you know and this product is not going to moveduring the holiday parties that don't exist. So let's hire crazy girl here to show us some ideas about how we canmarket this product and, thank goodness, I'm really good at coming up with veryrandom ideas, and then I kind of was like wait. I love this like. I love thephotoshoot component of it even more than I thought, and you really start tomore things, and so, quite frankly, you're going to really lose it. But mymy scalable piece right now is: I bought a ranch and I'm developing atwenty acres and this whole agricultural business model, and I'mgoing to Ireland in three weeks to the International Sustainability Conference,where I know absolutely nothing about no one and I'm doing this project withwool, and I will either talk to them next time and be a freaking billionaireor will be homeless so that you're starting an Alpaca farm or somethingwow, it's a little more compan that it involves fair, we's sheep. Actually Iwas just in the fair islands. These sheep were a thousand years old, likethe oldest sheep, on record or whatever. They can't use the wool, because thewool markets got a glut. Everybody wants to can only see wools being usedfor sweaters and stuff. I'm like forget it, the cost to get that stuff, cleanedand whatever is and spun is way too high. What can we do at this wool? Andthat is what I am working on is, and I have like actually a viable product andI'm going for a patent, etc, etc. So it is joking aside, but it's not you knowand yes, I'm need eep in shape. The sheep, like the genetic line of thesheep, is old or the sheep themselves that they cheapen line of it's athousand years old. They think they came from Norway. They have thesereally interesting. It's fascinating too, because here's another thing aboutwool is, I mean people want technologies, just gutted it, becausewe just need wool to stay warm well now, we've got technology and withtechnology you don't need we long underward to go skiing or to keep the fisherman warmand you've got these fast fashion, a d, an expensive technology that keeps youwarm, and so now it's like well now what and these the well that is more desirable.Is You know, white or lighter colored, because guess what you can diet? Wellin the Farel Islands, there are a lot of dark colored shape, okay, so actthat that's really not great for them and it's scratch here and as a reallyhigh land on an count. But my thing is: Will you can't just throw it away orburn it or whatever, which is a lot of...

...what's happening? What can we do, and that is so? You know why not take onthe toughest shape of the for to decide. They have a very remote place offIceland and fix the problem. So there you are. Thatmakes perfect sense. wices to me, I tell you my dad is like you're what andI'm like. Well, I think I told him about maybe ten days before the escrowon that farm or that ranch close, and I thinkthe only reason I told him. How is because at one of the ranches in theferal islands now ranches on is in California and I'm bringing the thewarring in the show over undersea. I understood. Well, if you do understandit, that's great yeah, so I mean I don't understand, butI understand is as far as you're going to get on this pole for developing all right before we go and we're goingto talk to you again on Friday for Friday fundamentals, but your bio saysshe has amazing stories from her work with a list celebrities. I would likeone amazing story. Please, okay, Oh boy, do I have a lot of one well, one ofthem was when we were doing this thing for Brittany Spears and we were incharge of absolutely everything and it was at one of the houses of the realhousewives at that time, and I wi s my no is Adrian a La Dranma and we had youknow: I'd signed confidentiality, groom until the cows come home and was soparanoid and she's. Definitely not listening to this podcast. I she well, you never know anyway,wonders never cease, but we had everything buttoned up about that event,and I mean there were no leaks. The poper od like they were trying tofigure out where we were getting the goody bags, so they could follow me todrop them off they're trying to find it the location, the whole thing, and herethen the day of the event comes there, helicopters everywhere, they'reswooping down and all I can think of is: Oh, my God, like my life, is over I'mgoing to be sued because they know I'm the one, the only one that has all thetickets to the old, the you know these vendors and all this stuff, and then Irealized freaking. There camp leaked it. So here I am worried and then I reallyrealize that that's how the celebrity world works is. You know strategicleakage, let's just put it that way, so that you get the good side of the storyand I the real housewives, are experts at strategic liquor, so you're or absolright about that. It's always a debate. Is it Lisa? Is it Derita it Adrian? Isit become ready? All of the above how's that Marley, it's been great, having you onthe sales hacker podcast, I know it's. Your favorite show, I know, you've beena long time listener, so this is an honor for you and I'm happy to give itto you. Why you? Yes, I love this kind of stuff. I meanit might sound, really random and I'm like I'm ungrateful, but I believe inhis in the entrepreneurial journey, and this is how we've got to get themessage out. It's got to be through stuff like this. I love that you're.Damn right. If folks want to reach out to you, they want to hire you they wantto buy whatever product you're building with the FIR cap. What's the best me toget in touch with you, but what's the best way? Yeah, I don't know greenacres, hello or hiring no well, I would love if they just buy the book onAmazon Number One, but otherwise they can go. They can find me on Instagramat the party goddess and okay, we'll start seeing all kinds of sheep related ranch pop up high. Now I've got to getwater from the you know street. Actually, oh wow rand needs water.Let's so they'll be some interesting instagram story. So I would just kindof keep that the party got us on Instagram and then the title is, butare you making any money and that's why Amazon and it's Marley Major, but it'sMaj Cher? That is correct, just to go...

...with this whole hot mass. It is a j gall in a line. Yes, wonderful, Marley, thanks! So much for being on the show.We're going to talk to John Friday for Friday fundamentals sounds great. CAN'TWAIT! Everybody at Sam Jacobs, greatconversation, fun conversation with Marley major she's, going to be doingsomething with wool. That's exciting, we'll see what happens. Meanwhile, youcan follow her on Instagram at the party goddess and she wrote that bookcalled. But are you making any money in one of the key insights which weregoing to be talking about on Friday fundamentals but which I think is sointeresting as track your time, especially if you're a small businessowner figure out what are the things? What are the activities that you'redoing that are most productive and what are your least productive activities,and you do that by going through every day for about a week and every fifteenminutes writing down what you're working on at that point and shelearned so many things. He also learned some of the things that we talked aboutway back when with Damn Pink, about perfect timing, about how she's moreproductive and more analytical in the morning and less productive and lessanalytical in the afternoon, and that's when she does some creative work. Soit's it's really interesting and if you're a small business owner all youhave is your time, and so it's really really important that you figure outhow to track it accurately. The other thing I would say is just you know:What does it take to be successful? Well, clearly, one of the things thatit takes his passionate enthusiasm. You know enthusiasm as Robert De Niroplaying occupo in the untouchables, enthusiasm, enthusiasm, baseball anyway.The point is that being enthusiastic and passionate is one of the thingsthat can propel your success and Marley clearly has a ton of passion andenthusiasm. She approaches the world from an interesting and uniqueperspective, and I think that translates to our success. So I reallyenjoyed that conversation before we go. We've got a couple of sponsors to think.Of course, the first ones out reach out reach is the first, and only engagementand intelligence platform built by revenue, Inn vators for revenue,innovators, go to click dot out, reached a io for slash three zero and PC to learn more, it's a funny you or no, but it's great click that out reachaudio for slash. Three zero MPC write that down. Maybe it because it's so strange, it'll it'll, resonate andpeople will click on it. I don't know we're also brought you by pavilion,unlock the curve or dreams by applying to day at Joint Pavilion Com and, ofcourse, by Konga help. Businesses meet customers needs, while increasingagility and adaptability to change check them out at Congon Ford, Lashsales hacker thanks for listening. If you haven't goven a five star with you,yet please do so. If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me Samah,Antillano, otherwise I'll talk to you next time. I.

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