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Friday Fundamentals 131. Lee Berkman


Friday Fundamentals 131. Lee Berkman

Everybody, it's Sam Jacobs. Welcometo the salesacker podcast. Happy Friday. You're listening to Friday fundamentals. Youremember Friday fundamentals, a short five to Tenmin of format where we bring youactionable insights to help make a difference in what you do today. This weekwe've got back on the show Lee Berkman. Lee as an enterprise of CON executivea cloudshare. He is a career journeyman and salesperson who's been in SASSsales for I think over seven years now and before that has just had alot of different life experiences all over the world and we're going to talk tohim about the best way to overcome the inability to meet facetoface when it comesto selling. And we've all been impacted by the pandemic. We're not allback in the office yet. So what's the number one strategy that you canemploy to overcome that inability to meet facetoface? So now, before we get there, we want to thank our sponsor. We have two sponsors. Friday fundamentalsis brought to you by outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teamsand empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activitiesand scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation outreach...

...makes customer facing teams more effective andimproves visibility into what really drives results. PODCAST is also sponsored by revenue collective. Revenue Collective is the key to getting more out of your career. Ourprivate membership connects you with a network of thousands of like minded peers and resourceswhere you can tap into leadership opportunities, professional development, mentorship and other servicesmade for high growth leaders like you. Unlock the professional potential with the revenuecollective membership. Get started today at Revenue Collectivecom. Now, Lee, welcomeback to the show. Thanks so much for having me again. I clearlythan upset you the first time. Not Enough, at least. You didn'tneed it in that invitulate any SACRA sank boundaries. So our question to youis this. You know, we've all been impacted by having to do zoomsand having to be digital and move all of our sales to digital. Womancan't move facetoface. What's your number one strategy for making or for overcoming theability to meet facetoface so that we can all be successful in our sales endeavors. Awesome. So you know, that...

...question is really well aligned with whatwe do and I have to obviously speak about cloud shows, technology and such, but at the end of the day, the exactly like you mentioned zoom,you have to find ways to overcome a limitation. So if we wereable to jump in a plane and we would be able to have this meetingface to face, I wouldn't have to put on my headphones now, Iwouldn't need to die into my computer. I'd probably be sitting at a deskwith you and we'd have two microphones and hope to a couple drinks. Sothat would be, you know, the traditional way of doing things. Soyou mentioned zoom straight away and it's a technology that we all now become standardwith and it's relatively easy and low pain point to get on and jump ontoa call and see each other. facetoface. So tips with through God's too,especially in the sales process, is making sure that the technology that hasto be introduced to both you as a salesperson, the prospect or whoever isengaging to another, is the technology should be invisible it shouldn't be something thatgets in the way. It should basically... the same way we pick upa phone. We hit the phone, you know, the dial button,and speak to somebody. Our sales processes are experiences need to be exactly matched. So when somebody is interested in a SASS application, once actually see it, an experience that there should not be a restraint or red tape to gothrough to be able to deliver. If you want to be able to seea software solution today, Sam and we wrap up a point where you sayit's valuable to I want to be able to give it to you. Thatshould be a matter of clicks. It shouldn't be an it or administrative headache. So platforms that you choose, that you invest in, the technologies thatyou decide that both you as an individual, your company your employees are going touse need to be accessible and easy, and then the end users that aregoing to be adopting it or engaging with it. You basically need tohow to overcome how do we make sure that we're being valuable to the otherpeople, that we can't do it again.

Traditional processes boil down to a goodexperience and and you know that greates to just again everything. When youwant to have a good meal and you go to a restaurant, it's notjust the food that gets put in your plate, it's an experience. Sameapplies to a sales process. The product may be great, but if youhad a negative experience or it was a real challenge to get their sons though, it's not as easy to commit to. So what you invest in? Again, the technologies just need to work. And again having to do my plugeffectively, you know, being a Clod. Share in providing virtual experiencesremotely. Exactly that, and it's been such a strength. In the lastyear we've had businesses that were potentially sort of exploring and snuffing around the ideaof hands on experiences and virtual labs that have now had to fight the bullet. They've committed to it, they've invested, they've explored it. Now businesses thatnever knew about it are looking for ways to be able to engage withpeople remotely. So we're in a very...

...fortunate space with an exceptional platform.And I coped. I was a power Friday Friday fundamentals. Friday fundamentals gotuse that a literation. Sorry, you can hit you can hear. Iwasn't be a great students in class. No, it's okay. Well,that was fantastically remind us. If folks want to get in touch at you, what's the best way? I'm pretty trendy. I'm on Linkedin. Youcan reach out to me on Linkedin and you can keep it more traditional witha email. I'm part of the customer facing team, being in sales soleof cloud share. That's Elle. I've cloud Shawcom and if you are goingto send an email, I would really appreciate putting a subject line stating podcastoutreach and I'd love to hear whether you're using virtualization, what technology is beingvaluable to you. If you're interested in finding a virtual it provider. Cloudshare is an industry meter. So we're really proud of our platform and confidentwhat we offer, so please to reach...

...out. Sounds good. If folkswant to reach out to me, you can linkedincom for lash the word infor Sam f Jacobs, and thanks again to our sponsors, outreach and revenuecollective. If, if this podcast comes out when I think it might,which would be perhaps the last week of June, then actually revenue collective isjust announced that they've changed their name to a new company called Pavilion, whichis incredibly exciting. So code to join pavilioncom to learn more about how revenuecollective is taking their idea of career and ablement and professional development for sales andmarketing executives and expanding it to every profession. But without further ADO. We'll talkto you next time. Lee. Thanks so much for being on theshow. Thanks, am for a good one. Enjoy the weekend. Youtube.

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