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Friday Fundamentals 135: Anjulika Saini


Friday Fundamentals 135: Anjulika Saini

The folks it sam jacobs and it's fridayhappy friday welcome to friday fundamentals. You know fridayfundamentals, it's the short five to ten mine format. Will we bring youaction inside style, make a difference in what you do today. We've got thisweek's guest back on the show anjelico sani, and we're going to be talkingabout one of the the skills, the critical skill that makes a great salesperson. So it's a great question: she's got a great, a great talk track on it,but before we get there, we want to think our sponsors. We've got twosponsors for friday fundamentals: the verses out, reach arage, triples aprotit sales teams in the powerson to drive, predictable and measurablerevenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling postumengagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teamsmore effective than improve disability to it. Hilly drives results were alsosponsored by pavilion, formerly revenue. Quick if pavilion is the key to gettingmore out of your career at private membership. Connects you with thenetwork of thousands of like minded peers and resources where you canhappen to leadership opportunities,...

...professional development, mentorshipand other services made for hagrode, like you unlock your professionalpotential with the pazin membership get started today, i tonic until we gowelcome back to the show, thanks for having me again, we are excited to haveyou so our question, for you is this: in your opinion, what's the number oneskill? What's the nobal one quality that makes an effective sales personyeah hands down? Curiosity, so if i could leave you with anything, it's becurious about everything about the people. You work with about thebusiness that the company is in the industry. That they're in just reallyask questions. I don't think i've ever run across the situation where thereare too many questions asked and the reason i really say this is becauseultimately, as a seller were trying to solve problems, that's what we actuallydo. So you really don't want to be pitching something if you don't knowwhat you're solving for and if you do...

...find yourself in the situation whereyou there isn't a problem, then probably this is not the best prospectfor, for you so be curious about everything. That's the best way you cansell problems. If you believe that you are fundamentally a not curious person,would you say maybe don't go into sales yeah? I think it's a fair reason to notgo into sales. However, i do think anyone can become curious. I love thethe fiveweight. Can you ask yourself why or what continuously so you get tothe root problem, so it's not hard to be curious. You just need to get intothe practice of it makes a lot of sense. Curiosity is a fundamental driver ofsuccess. Folks, undelicate ind us. If we want to get in touch with you,what's the best way to find you find me on linkedin, and you mentioned ontuesday. To spell your name correctly, how should we spell your name? Yeah imean my first name is pretty unusual. So it's a n j. U l, i k a last name.Sani s, a i n. I awesome thanks so much...

...for being our guest on the show thisweek. Folks, if you want to reach out in the u cen, also in linkin linton comfor lash, the word in for life, sam of jacobs, you can also email me salmat,joint pavillion com, thanks to our sponsors, out reaching pavilion.Otherwise, i will talk to you next time, angelica thanks. So much for being ourguest this week had a great weekend e t.

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