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Friday Fundamentals 148: Kerry Hudson


Friday Fundamentals 148: Kerry Hudson

Everybody welcome to the sale hackerpodcast. It's your host, Sam Jacobs, welcome to Friday fundamentals. Youknow Friday fundamentals at Short, five to ten minute format. Will we bring youaction in sides to help make a difference in what you do today? We'vegot this week's guest back on the show, carry had some VP of commercial salesfor Konga in North America and she's going to talk about the single piece ofadvice that she gives to aspiring leaders aspiring women leaders that oneof the sales leaders you know in the the high growth ecosystem that many ofus are involved in. So it's a great piece of advice and important andinspiring piece of advice. Now before we get there. We want to thank oursponsors. We've got to Friday. Fundamentals is brought you by outreach rich triples, the Protivin of sales teams en empower some to drive,predictable, immeasurable revenue growth by prioritizing the rightactivities and scaling. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT WITH INTELLIGENT AUTOMATIONOUT, which makes customer facing teams more effective than approves visibilityinto it really drives. Results were also sponsored by pavilion. Pavilion isthe key to getting more out of your... Our private membership connectsyou with a network of thousands of life, minded peers and resources where youcan camp into leadership opportunities, professional development, mentorshipand other services made for high prothesis, like you unlock yourprofessional potential, with a pavilion membership, get started to day at JointPavilion Com. Now carry welcome back to the show nice to stink with you again,Sam or e, I'm delighted to speak with you to so for Friday fundamentals. Weask one question and that question to you carry is this? What's your numberone piece of advice for women that are aspiring sales letters? Yes, you know,Sam. I would actually break it down into two kind of infult pieces. I thinkit's find your own voice and build sponsorship, and what I mean by findyour own voice. Is You know, traditionally what I see with leaders,especially female leaders, early in their career? Is there they're tryingto mimic people that they see and they haven't found kind of what their styleis? So I would recommend spending a lot of time kind of developing. What youwere style is what is your brand? What...

...are your strengths and weaknesses andknow that you don't have to be perfect at everything you know for mepersonally, I'm a data driven highly analytical person who likes to drive ahigh performance team, but also knows that recognition sometimes is not mycorse strength. So it's something about understanding your weaknesses andeither having people around you that will augment them for putting postednotes of to saying Hey, I'm going to focus on recognition today, knowingthat that's something that you don't do well and you're, not as a leader goingto do everything, while I don't don't focus on that, just focus on what youdo do well and then areas of improvement, find of half to that andthen on building sponsorship. I think that this is just a way for you withinyour organization, not just to focus on your core work, but make sure thatyou're reaching out to your counterparts in marketing support, cs aprosy organization and understanding what Your Business Partner needs. Whatmotivates them, and then how do you and how is your organization kind of workwith them and help them hit their kpis...

...and then in doing so, and buildingthose partnerships in that sponsorship? You're going to have people around theorganization as you profess your career, whispering and people, so you're sayinghere is how this person is help me. Here's why they should be a greatleader within within you at work. Those are two great pieces of advice. I loveit finding your voice is so important and then building relationships acrossthe organization so that you can develop sponsors that support you overtime. Carry if folks are listening and- and they want to reach out to you.Maybe they want to have a further discussion on this topic or or maybethey want to work at Konga. Remind us what what's your preferred method ofcommunication? How should we get in touch with you yeah, either linked inas a great way, but also just email me at carry erds k Hudson at condecaawesome and the folks want to reach out to me they can it's linked incom, forkslife. To word in for La Sam F, Jacobs can also email me, Sam at JointPavilion. We want to think our sponsors, of course, outreaches the firsttripling the productivity of sales...

...teams the world over and then, ofcourse, bazillion unlock your professional potential with a pavilionmembership today get started at join pavilion, Terry thanks. So much forbeing our guest on Friday fundamentals this week, Sam all, is nice to speakwith you talk to you soon, thanks a lot and foreverybody else will talk to you next time e t.

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