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Friday Fundamentals 148: Kerry Hudson


Friday Fundamentals 148: Kerry Hudson

Everybody, welcome to the salesacker podcast. It's your host, Sam Jacobs. Welcome to Friday fundamentals, you know, Friday fundamentals at short five to him, in a format where we bring youactionable insights to help make a difference in what Youtube. Today we've gotthis week's guest back on the show, Carrie Hudson, VP of commercial salesfor Conga in North America, and she's going to talk about the single pieceof advice that she gives to aspiring leaders, aspiring women leaders, that want tobe sales leaders, you know, in the high growth ecosystem that manyof us are involved, and so it's a great piece of advice and animportant, inspiring piece of advice. Now, before we get there, we wantto thank our sponsors. We've got to Friday fundamentals. Is brought youby outreach, which triples the proctivity of sales teams and empowers them to drivepredictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement withintelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective than approves. Visibility intoit really drives results. We're also sponsored by pavilion. Pavilion is the keyto getting more out of your career.

Our private membership connects you with anetwork of thousands of like minded peers and resources where you can tap into leadershipopportunities, professional development, mentorship and other services made for high growth leaders likeyou. Unlock your professional potential with a pavilion membership gets started today at JointPAVILIONCOM now, carry, welcome back to the show. Nice to speak withyou again, SAM or. We're I'm delighted to speak with you too.So for Friday fundamentals, we ask one question, and that question to you, carry, is this. What's your number one piece of advice for womenthat are aspiring sales leaders? Yes, you know, Sam. I wouldactually break it down into two kind of influential pieces. I think it's findyour own voice and build sponsorship. And what I mean by find your ownvoice is, you know, traditionally, what I see with leaders, especiallyfemale leaders, early in their careers, they're they're trying to mimic people thatthey see and they haven't found kind of what their style is. So Iwould recommend spending a lot of time kind of developing what you were style is, what is your brand? What are...

...your strengths and weaknesses, and knowthat you don't have to be perfect at everything. You know, for mepersonally, I'm a data driven, highly analytical person who likes to drive ahigh performance team, but also knows that recognition sometimes is not my core strength. So it's something about understanding your weaknesses and either having people around you thatwill augment them or putting post it notes up to say, Hey, I'mgoing to focus on recognition today, knowing that that's something that you don't dowell and you're not, as a leader, going to do everything well. Sodon't, don't focus on that. Just focus on what you do dowell and then areas of improvement, find a path to that, and thenon building sponsorship. I think that this is just a way for you,within your organization, not just to focus on your core work but make surethat you're reaching out to your counterparts in marketing, support CS across the organizationand understanding what you're our business partner needs, what motivates them, and then howdo you, and how does your organization, kind of work with themand help them hit their kpis and then,... doing so and building those partnerships. In that sponsorship. You're going to have people around the organization asyou progress your career whispering and people's are saying, here's how this person ishelped me, here's why they should be a great leader within within your Org. Those are two great pieces of advice. I love it. Finding your voiceis so important and then building relationships across the organization so that you candevelop sponsors that support you over time. Carrie, if folks are listening andand they want to reach out to you, maybe they want to have a furtherdiscussion on this topic, or or maybe they want to work at Conga. Remind us what's what's your preferred method of communication? How should we getin touch with you? Yeah, either Linkedin is a great way, butalso just email me at Carrie, or it's k Hudson at congacom awesome.And if folks want to reach out to me they can. It's linkedincom forks, last word in forks, last M F Jacobs. You can also emailme Sam at joint PAVILIONCOM. We want to thank our sponsors. Of course, outreaches. The first tripling the productivity...

...of sales teams the world over,and then of course, pazilion. Unlock your professional potential with a pavilion membershiptoday. Get started at joined pavilioncom carry. Thanks so much for being our gueston Friday fundamentals this week. Sam All, is nice to speak withyou. Talk to you soon. Thanks a lot and for everybody else,will talk to you next time.

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