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Friday Fundamentals 149: Appy Choudhary


Friday Fundamentals 149: Appy Choudhary

Hey, everybody's Sam Jacobs. Welcome to Friday fundamentals. You know Friday fundamentals and the sales hacker podcast. It's that short five to ten minute format where we bring you actionable insights to help make a difference in what you do today, and we've got nobody more actionable than happy choudry. Appy is one of the leaders in the sales development arena. I'll give you a quick bio, and we talked about it because he was our guest earlier in the week, but he's a senior sales leader with over fourteen years of experience. He's built and led str teams and AE teams. He's done the IC work, developed go to marker strategies. He's currently a top performers current company, blend. He's built an STR team from scratched his previous company, launched darkly, and he's been a director of sales. He knows everything about sales, including Sadler, medic and all the like, and he is an expert in terms of creating pipeline and generating opportunities using the sales development function. Now we're going to ask him what's his top piece of advice for personalized in the sales process. Before we get there, we want to thank our sponsors. We've got two...

...sponsors. The first is outreach. Friday fundamentals is brought to you by outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and powers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing in the right activities and scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes a customer facing teams more effective and improves visibility into what really drives results. Were also sponsored by pavilion. Pavilion is the key to getting more out of your career. Our private membership connects you with the network of thousands of white minded peers and resources where you can tap into leadersh opportunities, professional development, mentorship and other services made for high growth leaders like you. Unlock your professional potential with a pavilion membership. Gets started today a joint pavilioncom happy welcome back to the show. Thanks for warm welcome, Sam, excited to be here. So our Friday fundamentals question for you is, what are your what's your top piece of advice to drive personalization in sales outreach so that you can create more opportunities. There's a lot that goes into that Sam and let's deep dive into it. So starting with emails. Prospects have a...

...ton of information on the Internet. So I advise my SD has to spend five to seven minutes of doing research on those prospects, including on their Linkedin trofile, zoom in for anything on Google News, looking at Youtube and checking them out on twitter, compiling all of that information and personalizing those emails where it's less about the company, me and the product you're trying to sell and it's more about the prospect. That's the advice on emails. Then talking about phone calls, we use outreach at blend and there's something very interesting that outreach can show. Not a lot of things use it, but looking at what time of the day do I SDR teams get the most connects and most replies. So when in str looks into the time in the on the heat map... outreach reporting and they can see that, okay, they get most of the replies between eight am or and ten am Pacific Time or two PM to four PM Eastern time, they should block that time and spend most of their time calling their prospects within that time zone. Obviously some advice is to research well about your prospects. Something my top performers do is they basically open linkedin profiles of all the prospects they are going to call within the next one hour and they are actually on the linkedin profile when they are making a call. That helps them personalize on the spot and gain traction other than email personalization and called personalization. We also use send Oo for our gifting strategy. So anyone who's engaging with our emails or my star team had a good connect with or...

...someone referred as to someone will probably go ahead and send them something really nice. It could maybe a handwritten gift card or a blend succulent or some co branded cupcakes which includes the brand logo of blend and the prospect company. That works out really well. So that's on gifting. And then my team also uses linkedin in a way creative way, other than just connecting and trying to engage with prospects activity. They send voice notes, they send Linkedin selfie videos to prospects to show how much eager they are to connect with them and how they can actually solve their challenges and paint points. So all of this helps in personalization and connecting with prospects, and so I love it. Happy and so you know the theme of the days, of course, P personalization and...

...getting creative and APP these teams use video, they use sending, they use linkedin voice messages and selfie videos. Just you know, dropping your prospect into ten email sequence is just not enough. That's not enough anymore and it really shows a lack of inventiveness and innovation and it's too much. So so take happy's advice. Personalize your outreach to to your tier one prospects, to your tier a prospects. Appy, remind us. If folks are interested in getting in touch with you, what's the best way? The best way to connect with me through my linked in profiles. I'm pretty active on Linkedin. So feed free to each other and connect on Linkedin. Awesome. And the folks want to reach out to me, you can Sam at joined Pavilioncom, thanks again to our sponsors. Outreach tripling the productivity of sales teams the world over, and pavilion the key to getting more out of your career unlock your professional potential with a pavilion membership. Gets started today at Joint Pavilioncom happy thanks so much for being our guest on the show this week. Thanks again for having... so it was a pleasure. We loved having you and, folks, I'll talk to you next time.

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