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Friday Fundamentals 151: Veronika Reiderle


Friday Fundamentals 151: Veronika Reiderle

Everybody, it's Sam Jacobs. Welcome to the salesacker podcast. Happy Friday. We're here for Friday fundamentals. You know Friday fundamentals. It's the short format where we bring you actionable insights to help make a difference in what you do today. With one question as to this week's guest. This week's guest is Veronica readerly. She's the CO founder and CEO of Demo Desk and exciting new sales meeting platform, and she's going to be talking to you about how do you get started making sales when you don't have any customers, because she's been working on this company for just about four years and she was the original pioneer and the person that brought in all their early customers. And there are many companies out there that are in their early stages, are breaking into a new market. So we're excited to ask that question. Before we get there, we want to thank our sponsors. We've got two sponsors for Friday fundamentals. First is up is outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable reve new growth by prioritizing the right activities in scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves...

...his ability to what really drives results. We're also sponsored by pavilion. Pavilion is the key to getting more out of your career. Our private membership connects you with a network of thousands of like minded peers and resources where you can happen to leadership opportunities, professional development, mentorship and other services made just for high growth leaders like you. Get started today at joined Pavilioncom for on like welcome back to the show. Thank you so much. Very excited to be we're excited to have you. So our question for you today is, what's your piece of advice or pieces of advice? You're an early stage company. You don't have any customers, you don't have any RR annual recurring revenue. How do you get started? What should you do? What did you do to get demo desk above that mythical seven figure threshold, above a million and Rr, when you were starting from absolutely zero? Yeah, so that was quite an exciting journey. And so, as you just mentioned, we started a company but three and a half years ago, and I mean there's one additional complexity that comes on top when you start a company because typically you don't...

...have a proper product to say yet, so you have to say something that you don't even have, which makes it incredibly difficulty. So I think in the very early day is this type of fonder and nativt is super important. So I would know now how hard it was to build demos. I'm not so sure if I would have ever started. So I think just going out there and doing it and figuring out a way on the fly is probably the most important thing. So and in the beginning we were first trying to of course speak to on network, SELTO network. So even though we I mean we had a product, and so we had like a very basic minimum version of or screen train padform, which was back then just screenshining. So we had a screensha solution that didn't even have a video confernceing. So we were asking customers to use our software for their product, GM was, but just for the screen sharing part, which was, of course incredibly difficult and now...'s it sounds super funny. Back then and it was not that common, though, to have a video coin. I think it's like how to believe now after call it and but luckily was not as common back then. So it was possible. But we needed to say something that again was Super Buggy, was super basic and the only way is to mean try as hard as you can. So we first used our network. We try to think about any potential customer that we knew, and so we went through our linkedin account, we went through our networks, especially when it comes to networks from university or Network Stam from by see a bit later on and Bassy just pined anyone that we could red use mass email, mass emailing tools in the beginning, use cup spot to send emails to basically everyone that we think could be a fit. So that is how we actually got started. So we done had initial customers from on network. So one of our first customers, or actually offers customer, was a personial which just raised there, who's just raised a seriously around. So they now beleaded over six billion and that is an amazing... see. But they were basically our first customer because the founder is an investment company and also like a friend of ours and also studied with us and the same at same university. So we use that connection and then we just worked along the way. So first thing is really like trying to make as much as you can out of your network. Then the second thing that we did. Once we once we sold something to a network, we also just went to any conference that we could find that was related to say, ers and and Saurs and software. So we went to Sustock, we went to Saster and basically trying to sell to anyone. And back then we were sooner if that we like thought we could just speak to someone on the conference and sell them the software on the spot and they get a yes, I'm buying this at the conference, which, of course, it also didn't. We react what you relent so much about the pitch. We learned what worked, we learned what didn't work, we learned what resonates with cout customers and once we found that out, we were able to nail down our little customer profile.

So we built a list. So what's the third step? Of customers to target, and really just wrote down a list of companies and identified the right prisoners in these companies and then just try to use any way that we could to get either introduct to them, which work particularly well, or, of course, I mean target them by email code, email linkedin. And, let us said, a third major step that we had, and yeah, I mean I think that's still what we do going until now. I mean then Victor Fall step is hiring people who would do the same to a side even more. But that's how my journey of fomers says that looked like. And so, recapping, I mean the short answer is anything you can, anyway that you can. But really it's start with your network, go out to industry events and become more present, begin making a list of who your ideal customers and what companies, and then just start going for it exactly. So first, network. Second, speak to as much people as you can, and with typically on conferencess, right, I mean not, it's a bit different, but before the beanic was easier. then. Third,...

...just make a targeted list of companies that you think you can sell to and then just take me, go for it, don't give up and just at it and the end you will find your way. I love it. Veronica, remind us. If folks want to get in touch with you, it's the best way. The best way is by emails. So you can reach me under Veronica at Demoduskcom S Veronica with a K or, of course, also viet the Intercom Shet on our website wonderful and the folks want to reach me. You can linkedincom forward. Slash the world in Ford, MF Jacobs, thanks akin to our sponsors. Outreach transforming the productivity of sales teams the world over and, of course, pavilion. Unlock your professional potential today. Get started at Joint Pavilioncom Veronica, thanks so much for being our guest on the show this week. We loved having you. Thank you so much. It was great.

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