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Friday Fundamentals 158: Ashley Welch


Friday Fundamentals 158: Ashley Welch

Everybody, it's Sam Jacobs. Welcome to the Sales Hacker podcast and to Friday fundamentals. You know Friday fundamentals. It's that very short five to ten minute format where we try to bring you actionable insights to help make a difference in what you do. Today we've got this week's guest back on the show, Ashley Welch. She is the CO founder of somersault innovation and she teaches all about how to bring design thinking into your sales process. And one of the things we're going to be asking or about is what's the biggest mistake a lot of people make in their discovery process and what can they do to improve it? Now, before we get there, we want to thank our sponsors. We've got two sponsors for Friday fundamentals. The first is pavilion. Pavilion is the key to getting more out of your career. Our private membership connects you with a network of thousands of like minded peers and resources where you can tap into leadership opportunities, professional development, mentorship and other services made for high growth leaders like you. On February Third Join Pavilion for our annual kickoff our AKO.

We're going to bring you actionable insights for all of two thousand and twenty two and make some big announcements about pavilion, university and much, much more. That's February. Third the a Ko Friday fundamentals is also brought to you by outreach. Out reach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes custom more facing, teams more effective and improves visibility into it really drives results. Ashley, welcome back to the show. Yes, Hi Sam, thank you for having me. We're excited to have you. So the question we want to put to you on this day. We are now in two thousand and twenty two, we were at the beginning of the year, and we want to ask you what is the biggest mistake most companies make when they're teaching discovery and what can they do to improve that process? Yeah, I think the biggest mistake they make is twofold one. is enabling their sellers just to try to do discovery around finding the problem that their solution solves and boom, stop there and, you know, move on... trying to close the deal. When you do that you miss all sorts of opportunities. So the first of all, do discovery and stay open. You know, it's like sort of open your aperture so that you're looking for more than just the problem that you solved, so you really understand a greater context. And secondly, I think most organizations stop too soon in their discovery and that they just pay attention to the customer versus not only trying to understand deeply what your customer cares about, but also what is their customer care about, because that's where value is created for your customer, their customer or that ultimate end customer. So find out what their customers also care about. Is there a because I remember we spoke earlier in the week on almost like inspection points or Mech ISMs for people that don't have enough curiosity to help them develop some in the absence of its natural existence. Yeah, that's right. So we talked about how to be authentically curious and one of the things we teach... pay attention to four different things in your conversation and whenever you hear any one of these four slow the conversation down and dig in and say tell me more, like why is that so? The for are when you hear value, meaning when you hear that the other person you're talking to, your customer, really loves something, holds it in high value or is really frustrated by it, like that doesn't work for me. Like if you hear a motion that's higher or low, dig in and say wow, it sounds like you really love that process. Tell me more about that. So value. Next one is hacks or workarounds, where if you see a someone creating something to get around a system that doesn't work for them, like people use an excel spreadsheet even though they have our crm, great question is, why did you create that? Tell me more about what you're trying to solve with what you created. Inconsistencies another one we have. You know this is a high priority for us, but we don't have any budget or marketing says this, but sales is doing that. Dig In, that's an inconsistency. There's tons of information behind that. And lastly, a surprise, like if something in a...

...conversation really surprised you, like that was unexpected, don't blow by that. Dig In, find out more because underneath all of those four things there's lots of information ration for you to gather. That often reveals a greater opportunity. I love it. So first thing we focused on is making sure that you're focused on your customers, customer and then, if you're lacking curiosity, the first there's four things to look for. One of them is kind of emotion, right, like sort of delight or or enthusiasm. The second is inconsistencies. Well, the second, you said, is hacks, walk arounds, the third is inconsistencies and the fourth is surprises, something that is surprising to you. Exactly. Wonderful, Ashley. Remind us. If folks want to get in touch with you, what's the best way to do it? Yeah, find US online summer soult innovation. You can look at our website. You can contact me at Ashley at Summer Soult innovationcom. I'm also on Linkedin...

...and you can check out our book make it sales, which is on Amazon and has all sorts of tips and tools. Awesome. And if folks want to reach out to me, you can email me at Sam at joined Pavilioncom or find me on Linkedin. Thanks again to our sponsors. Pavilion. Remember to join their Ako there andual kick off on February. Third and outreach. Helping make the world better for revenue. Innovators all over go to outreach out. I got to learn more. Ashley, thanks so much for being our guest on the show this week. Thank you for having me. Appreciate it. It's great. All right, everybody will talk to you next time.

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