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Episode 166 · 9 months ago

Friday Fundamentals 167: Andy Paul


Friday Fundamentals 167: Andy Paul

Everybody at Sam Jacobs. Welcome to the salesaccer podcast. Happy Friday. You're listening to Friday fundamentals. You know about Friday fundamentals. It's the short five to ten minute format where we bring you actionable insights to help make a difference in what you do. Today we've got this week's guest back on the show, Andy Paul. He has a sales veteran. He's written a bunch of different books. The most recent book he has is called sell without selling out, and it's all about how to sort of approach a new and different philosophy around selling that puts the buyer at the center. These are not radically new ideas, but they are ideas that are always worth remembering, because too many people are selling out versus, as and do would say, selling in. So we're going to ask him what are the four steps to doing that, to selling in meaning focusing on empathy and putting the buyer the sender of the process? First, selling out, which is putting your needs first and trying to drive something in a square peg into a roundhole, as they might say. Now, before we get there, we want to thank our sponsor. The first is Pavilion Pavilion is the key to getting more out of your career.

Or private membership connects you with a network of thousands of likeminded peers and resources where you can tap into leadership opportunities, professional development, mentorship and other services made just for you. Make sure you take advantage of the pavilion for teams corporate membership, which gives your entire go to market team access to one of our industry leading schools and courses, including marketing school, Sales School, sales development school and much, much more. Unlock your professional potential with a pavilion membership gets started. Today, a joined PAVILION DOT COM. We're also brought to you by outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities in scaling customer engagement. With intelligent automation, outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves visibility into it really drives results. Now, Andy, welcome back to the show. Thank you, Sam. We're excited to have you and again at tell me if I'm wrong with the book. Is called cell without selling out right, it's called sell without selling out, a guide to success on your own terms. I love it. I didn't realize the the sub the...

...subtitle. Good, yes, okay, so we want to do that. There are four steps to doing it. Walk us through the four steps. Walk us through, you know, an overview of a framework that we can use to do exactly what you just asked us to do, which is to sell in versus sell out. Right. So really, their pillars like all not steps, because I'm not necessarily sequential. So the for our connection curiosity, understanding and generosity, and brought these out because these are innate human behaviors that everybody possesses, and your ability to connect more with your buyer or deliver the positive buying experience as your buyer needs, based on implementing these. So connection is to simply a walking through quickly as connections where you build your your rapport you build a credibleity in the trust with the buyer, for the buyers says, HMM, I'm willing to invest more time with this person, I'm willing to open the doors to their curiosity. So with then deploy your curiosity to ask good questions of the buyer, to ask great follow up questions to...

...go a little bit deeper or a lot deeper, to be in the situation than you would just with your numeral, normal sort of scripted questions, and I in that chapter in the book that give six categories of questions, then tell you about how to deploy them and how you can use them in combination and so on. Then you get the understanding and understanding as a significant source of value for buyers. Making buy our feel heard and understood. Can't be overestimated how much value that has to them and what we're trying to understands or trying to understand what's the most important things to the buyer in terms of challenges they face and the outcomes they want to achieve. And then, once we understand that, our job is then to help them get that. The Way to help them get that as we generously give a value to enable them to create a vision of what success would look like using your product and service, enabling them to make a decision in a shorter period of time. I love it so again, connection curiosity, understanding and generosity and, as I talked about in the book, because as sales is the ultimate act of generosity.

If you deconstruct what selling is, you say, selling is listening to the buyer. That's a generous act. Trying to understand what's most important to them. That's a generous act. Then I'm going to work with them to help them get that. That and itself as Generous Act as well. I love it. Andy, remind us if folks who want to first, folks, if you want to buy the book, it's on Amazon. Sell without selling out. What's the subtitle? Again, a guide to success on your own terms. I love it. A Guy just success in your own terms. So obviously go buy that book right now and then, if you want to get in touch with Andy, Andy, what's the best way to get in touch with you? So you can come to our website, Andy, Andy Paulcom. You can email me at Andy at Andy Paulcom and follow me on. likedin connect with men, likedin. Love it. Folks want to reach out to me. You, Ken, Samma, joined pavilioncom. Thanks again to our sponsors, pavilion and outreach. Give us five stars on any podcasting platform that you can think of, and with that I'll talk to everybody next...

...time. Andy thinks. So much for being our guest on the show this week Sam. Thank you for having me.

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