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Friday Fundamentals 181: Brandon Barton


Friday Fundamentals 181: Brandon Barton

Hello everybody, happy Friday. Welcome to the sales hacker podcast. Now, normally on Fridays, this is a special Friday. Normally on Friday's we record what we call Friday fundamentals, the short five to ten minutes segment where we give you actionable tips to improve your day. But for the next few months we're going to change it up a bit. You See, I've got a book me Sam Jacobs. I've got a book coming out in November. Yes, can you believe it? It's called kind folks finish first, the considerate path to success in business in life. And in anticipation of the book launch, every Friday during the fall will now be called kind folks finished. Friday's we'll be talking to our guests about stories of resilience, fortitude, courage and compassion, moments in their life where they overcame adversity, took the hard, considerate path instead of the transactional, easy path, and how it worked out for them, hopefully successfully. That's it would be unfortunate to hear a brief anecdote that ended in flames and disaster. So, at any rate, welcome... kind folks finish Fridays. This is the first ever episode. We've got this week's guest back on the show, Brandon Barton. He's the CEO of Bite. He's gonna be telling us about one of the greatest challenges or adversity he's adversities he's faced in his professional career. Now, before we get there, we've got two sponsors for kind folks finish Friday's the first is outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves visibility into what really drives results. Were also sponsored by pavilion and my new book kind folks. Finish first, the considerate path to success in business in life. Here the story of the founding and Pavilion and how we've built a venture scale business based on the values of compassion, mutual support and reciprocity and doing right by other people. Available for preorder right now wherever books are sold. So go to Amazon, go to Barnes and noble. Help US hit the wall. Street Journal best seller list, by pre ordering your copy now. If you wanted to order maybe fifty to a hundred copies for all of your relatives, that'd be great...

...too. And be on the lookout for the First Free Pavilion Course from Pavilion University, teaching the concepts behind kind folks finished first and helping teach you, in thousands of others, how to drive success without sacrificing integrity, decency or kindness. Get your copy of kind folks finish first now at Amazon, Barnes and noble or anywhere on the Internet. Brandon, welcome back to the show. Thanks for bearing with me with all that copy. I love it, Sam. I just learned stuff. Thank you for having me. You learned that my books on Amazon. That's what I have it on pre order. I just don't know when it's showing up. Two books came yesterday. They weren't yours and I was I opened it like it was Christmas and you know, not November. They're shipping in November, so we've got a while. But kind folks finish rides is all about stories of redemption, stories of resilient stories of using the right values to overcome challenges in your life. So I put it to you. Tell us one of the great tell us a story. Tell us a story about a great challenge or adversity that you face and how you overcame it. Yeah, let me set the stage for this. Um this is exciting. My sense of of when I am challenged and and...

...this comes back to when I was a young kid. You know, I didn't have the most stable home life and I would always kind of put my head down and work right. So, if when I was a kid, if if things were not great at home, go into either a park and play basketball or tow to school and just put my head down to work and like not think about it, understanding that like I'm going to overcome something, but just working hard at either the thing that's the problem or just just putting my brain and my energy, my anger towards something else. Okay, and for those of you that have not worked in an early stage startup, this may not resonate as well as it should, but I can tell you the emotion is real. Early days of RESI. Essentially, there are a bunch of restaurant companies in New York that run the fine dining every place in like like let's say the late you know, I guess it was like twenties, seventeen or something like that. Every even, actually early I should say. There's like five or ten companies that really run the New York restaurants scene.

Okay, you're talking about McNally group, you're talking about units where hospitality group will Goadera and made Nice. At the time. There was the John George Group, Dan Yelle so forth. There's like there's like ten of them, okay. And so resie was up against the company called reserve, who was doing similar stuff, and in any case most people would choose one or the other, never both. And so in the early days it was really just about getting those ten brands, like as many of those as possible, and that was really going to be who won New York, and whoever won New York had a really great chance of winning the country. And so I can remember the day that I found out that Momofuku, who was supposed to be a part of the world of Resie, at least that was what I was I was being told, they chose reserve and I don't know if I had as down a day as that day professionally in my life. I remember thinking like I need to Shar fun up. This is maybe two months, three...

...months into the job. I need to sharpen up my resume. A, I'm probably getting fired because I didn't know that they were going a different direction. B, like, we're not. We're never gonna Win New York because moment Fuk was so important and at the time this is like the height of David Chang and the Zeitgeists and milk bar and everything like man, he was just running it and we lost them and we lost him to our biggest competitor and I I just remember being so down and then just saying fuck it and I went out and I knocked on every doy. I walked up and down the West village, East village, I went to every single restaurant that I possibly could over the next three weeks and found multiple, multiple people that wanted to be a part of Resie, that never heard of reserve and I got my anger out that way. I I put it into the idea of just working harder than other people. Now, that was kind of the short term fix, but the long term fix was I know for sure that I need... now get union square hospitality group, because the only way to battle against let's say the new school restaurants. In MOMENTUCO is to get the king of the old school and get Union Square Hospitality Group, and I'll leave out some of the details here, but I'll just tell you about a year later, we ended up preventing the made Nice Group from signing up with reserve. We also got Union Square Hospitality Group, we got the made Nice Group and eventually became the dominant reservation platform for all of the new and hot restaurants in New York. And I could I could literally go back to that one moment when I was just like it on the four of vader media where resie was being incubated, and I was like, you know, almost in tears about losing that and needing to pack up my desk and just basically get fired to go home. And I can point to that moment as as the motivation for all the rest of it and wanting to go win. I love it and you just just nobody's gonna work harder than you and a couple of years later the business gets sold American Express and you had a great exit. So that's that's...

...inspiring. Brandon. Remind us, if folks want to get in touch with you, what's the best way to do it. Yeah, hit me up on Linkedin is always great from the D M S, but my email is also brandon at get by Dot Com. Feel free to hit me up for anything awesome. If folks want to reach out to me you can. You can reach me at Linkedin as well, Linkedin DOT com. Forward slash the word in. Forward Slash Sam F Jacobs. You can also email me Sam at Joint Pavilion Dot Com. Hopefully you buy the book. Kind folks finish Fridays. Go to Amazon or Barnes and noble online right now pre order your copy. We're trying to get on the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List. Brandon, thanks so much for being our guest on the show this week. Thank you so much for having me Sam. It's great having you. Talk to you soon.

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