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Friday Fundamentals 142: Amy Frampton


Friday Fundamentals 142: Amy Frampton

Everybody at Sam Jacobs Welcome back tothe sale, sacker podcast happy Friday. It's Friday fundamentals. You knowFriday fundamentals, it's that short five to ten minute format, where webring you action Wen sites to help make a difference in what you do today.Today, we've got back on the show: This week's guest Amy Frampton she's, thehead of marketing at bamboo, HR and she's, going to talk about a hiddensecret. That is the key to unlocking revenue grocery company, so listenclosely, because too many companies ignore this one important factor and itreally is important to driving revenue Gret. Now before we get there, we havetwo sponsors that we want to think Friday. Fundamentals is brought to byoutreach out which triples the productivity of sales teams en empowersthem to drive, predictable and measurable revenue growth byprioritizing the right activities and scale and custer engagement withintelligent automation out, which makes customer facing teams more effectiveand improves, as ability into what really drives results were alsosponsored by Pavilion Pavilion formally known as revenue. Collective pavilionis the key to getting more out of your... Our private membership connectsyou with the network of thousands of like minded peers and resources whereyou can tap into legers of opportunities, professional development,mentorship and other services made for high growth leaders like you, and yourteams unlock your professional potential with the Pavilion membershiptoday at join Pavilion. Amy Welcome back to the show thanks so much forhaving me back. We're excited to have you beck, so here's our question foryou, what is the hidden secret to driving and a niting and unlocking, andall these great words to unlocking revenue growth for your organizationyeah? This is this is probably my favorite question out there and, andit's all about employee experience. You know I think, as a as a marketing andprobably business community we've talked for years about about customerthe customers. Always right is about the customer experience. Absolutely.You know you work back from a customer in terms of what you're going to build.That's all great and super important. That said, if you don't have youremployee experience as your foundation, it's really hard to have long termsuccess, bolt in terms of revenue and...

...and logo growth and and everything thatwe're all looking for in this business. The employee experience is, is, I think,something that that we feel innately is important like if people sit down andthink about it, but it's way too easy to pass up. I mean people are talkingabout. You know every board. You know we have a board, of course, a board ofdirectors, and they and all all the companies do, and you know they talkabout cloud. They talk about security and they talk about customers, but every single one of these thingsunderlying there's an employee driving that success. I think we all know whatI kind of got level that when we're happier in our jobs, we do better work,and I think you know you think Oh yeah, that makes sense, but the lack of focuson executing there can be a huge Achilles heel for businesses, and youknow we bambur. We took this super seriously for what we're doinginternally at bamboo. We're going through tremendous growth just about tohit about a thousand folks and heading...

...quickly. You know up into the twelveand thirteen hundreds by the end of the year, but also you know our software isbuilt to allow people to have the time whether they're in human resources ornot. To think about that employee experience, and so you know, if youlook at just getting down to numbers, if you look at customer satisfaction,there's a direct correlation between a point on glass door, shot out to glassdoor, which has given us a lot of transparency in this industry to aboutone and a half point bump in terms of your customer sat or your MPs right,and so it's not just our gut. It's like Oh this. This actually makes a hugedifference and then, of course, there's there's a transparency angle, which iswe've seen a bunch of great companies. You know that have grown really fastand what their product offering solid, and it isn't that great. But man itdoes not take along. If you don't have a good culture and a good employeeexperience on the daily. For that to...

...come out- and I think customers thesedays all of us- you know because we're all customers- I think all of US- are thinking. Idon't want to put my money there. You know. Not only do I not want to investthere from a Wall Street kind of perspective, but I don't want to shopthere or I don't want to buy there. I don't want to use that, and so thetransparent seem along with customer effectiveness, means that employeexperience has to be the very foundation before you ever think aboutthat customer experience and I think it's easy to forget right, I mean youknow you're paying people, let's do the job, let's go, but that's that's justnot reality. You've got a lot of humans and you want them all to be happy from ahuman perspective, but you also want them to have a great experience thatthey can go serve those customers that you care so much about. I think that'sthe missing link that something we're super passionate about here. I love itit's so true and that that that statistic is very, very powerful. OnePoint: Increase in kind of employer...

...happiness is one and a half points incustomer satisfaction or a nut promotor score amy. If folks want to reach out,you remind us what's the best way. How can have you know and as you mentionedon Tuesday, I can be to agree with you or even better, to disagree with youwith that's way. What's the best an I was I was raised in Seattle tack atMicrosoft. I live a good debate. Yeah either Waker is great amy for I'm sorrya Frampton, I should say a Frampton at bambur com, awesome and, if folks wantto reach out to me, you can Sam at Join Pavilion Com thanks again to oursponsors, outreach tripling the productivity of sales teams everywhereand pavilion unlock your professional potential at joint Thilo amy thanks somuch for joining us in the sale, tyger podcast so as great having as a guest.Thank you so much a.

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