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Friday Fundamentals EP 12: What is a 5 Tool Sales Person?


On this episode of Friday Fundamentals, we discuss what it means to be a 5 tool sales person. So, what exactly does that mean?

Here are the skills you need to be that person.

1. The ability to prospect

2. The ability to work a cycle and close a sale

3. The ability to build report 

4. A positive attitude  

5. The desire to provide relentless effort 

Listen in to today's episode for a few takeaway points on becoming a 5 tool sales person.

Okay, everybody, it is SamJacobs and you are listening to Friday fundamentals. If you remember, I'm sure youdo. This is the short five to ten minutes segment where we're tryingto give you one insight, one insight on your way to work or fromwork, if you work the night shift, just to take with you to yourday and immediately implement. And we've got this week's guest, Brian Burquette, step of sales at lane data, to share with us. What isa five tool salesperson? And the reason we're asking that is because if yougo on Brian's linkedin profile, he says he's looking for five tool sales folks. So we want to know what does that mean. Now, before wefigure out the answer to it, we want to talk about our sponsors andthank them. So Friday fundamentals is brought to you by outreach. Outreach triplesthe productivity of sales teams and them powers them to drive predictable and measurable revenuegrowth by prioritizing the right activities in scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreachmakes customer facing teams more effective and improves...

...his ability into what really drives results. Brian, I believe, is a customer of outreach at lane data.So we've got a case study in real life right here now. Coming upin March, outreach is running unleash two thousand and nineteen, the sales engagementconference. It's going to be the definitive great new sales engagement conference. Itwill take place in March ten through twelve in San Diego. Listeners of thePOD, if you are out there listening, get a hundred dollars off your ticketsimply for entering the code sh pod. So hop over to unleash shot outreachio and use the code sh pod to save a hundred dollars off yourticket. I'll be there right after this interview. I've got a call,a prep call with Dan Cook from Lucid Chart. We're going to be runninga session. So I hope to see you in San Diego and if youare anywhere and in Chicago or the northeast, where it's going to be in Chicagoit's going to be negative fifty. When we're recording this over the nextcouple days, you will understand why it's important that you get to San Diegoand March now Friday fundamentals. Brian Burqett.

Brian, what are the five whenyou talk about a five tool salesperson? What are those five tools and whatdo you mean? All right, so the five components of five toolsales athlete are the ability to prospect or feed yourself. I think even ifyou have eight yrs or str you need to be able to generate your ownpipeline. That's skill. Is just is paramount in my mind. You needthe ability to, you know, obviously work a cycle and close. Right, you have to be able to ask for the business. If you can'tfor the if can't ask for the business, you're going to just have challenges.Now the next three things are less skills, but, you know,obviously the ability to build roule wheel rapport with people. If people don't feelthat you're empathetic to what they're going through and you can't build rapport, youknow that's going to be a challenge, and so it's something that I lookfor. And then a positive attitude. Right, like we are asking ableto go out and create something out of nothing. Right, go call thiscompany that's never heard of us, figure...

...out where their problems are and thenhelp them realize that we're the best solution for them. You can't do thatif you don't have a positive outlook, and so that's very important to me. And then the fifth piece is you have to be able to provide relentletseffort. Right so you can have all of these things, but if youdon't put the work in, you're not going to succeed. So over time, over, you know whatever, the fifteen years of sales experience that I'veseen, it's these five things that I look for. Now I have onemore follow on question and I'm going to put you on the spot because youmay not have prepared for it. But when you're thinking about that first skill, which is the ability to prospect, and you're thinking about all the differentkind of communication channels and sequences that you might be able to run, whatare you telling your SDRs in your a East, from your experience, issort of the most state of the art or the most useful prospecting tactic orstrategy when you're saying, why don't you do this? And when you thinkabout best practices in prospecting, what do... think those best practices are?I think the first best practice is all around the effort you put into theresearch. So all too often we don't really take the time to understand thecompanies were calling on, the personas or the individuals that we're going to reachout to. So you know it and a lot of the organizations I've hadyou have. You have an opportunity to build your book a business. Soyou should always be thinking about is this company? Does it fit our ICP, and can we even sell them? If we can't, don't waste yourtime on them. So continuously going back in one do I have the rightaccount to do I have the right people, and then do I have enough informationto tell them what to say? Then I think you're your standard methodsof reaching out, like if you can tailor a personalized message to them,whether it's linkedin email, you know, phone call, twitter, Voice Mail, you're much better off. It's the personalization that makes the different and it'sthe time you put in ahead of time before you put the communication together thatmakes all the difference. I love it.

Well, that's that's so repeating itback to its ability to prospect, the ability to close, relentless effort, positivity. What was the Middle One? Build Rapport, build rapport, soempathy, rapport and basically intellectual curiosity, kind of. I'll get a packagetogether into that one. Those are the five tools of a five toolsalesperson. This has been Friday fundamentals. Brian, give us your contact information. If I'M A if I'm an upancoming sales person, I want to workfor you. How should I reach you so you can find me at Linkedin? On linkedin, you can email me at Brian at Lee Day to inkcomand if you happen to go to unleash, I'll be there as well. Ohawesome. So I will see you in San Diego and about a month, month and a half. Definitely talk to you soon. Thanks again forbeing on Friday fundamentals and thanks to everybody for listening. Have a great Friday.

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