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Friday Fundamentals EP 13: Top Tricks for Dealing with Procurement


Today on Friday Fundamentals, we're discussing procurement. It's important to build external and internal relationships. The key to it all? Remaining transparent. Join us on this week's episode of Friday Fundamentals for actionable takeaways for you and your sales team.


Everybody, it's Sam Jacobs. Welcome to Friday and Friday fundamentals. Hope you're having a wonderful Friday. As you know, I'm the host of the sales packer podcast and the founder of the revenue collective, and this week on Friday fundamentals we've got Chris and d from earlier this week when we were talking to them about same side movement, which is bringing together buyers and sellers within the same construct and stop treating each other adversarially. Now we're going to have a great conversation because they're going to talk to us about strategies for working more effectively with procurement to increase the likelihood that you're going to win that big enterprise deal. So this is going to be a good one. Now, before we get started, we've got to thank our sponsors. Are Big sponsor for Friday fundamentals is the wonderful outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves...

...visibility into what really drives results and outreach. Is having an incredible run over the last couple of months. They've got better analytics, they've got better voice integration into their technology, they've got a great CEO and Manny Medina, and it's just a really incredible company. And part of what makes them incredible is the conference that they've got coming up. Unleash two thousand and nineteen, the sales engagement conference. This is going to be the definitive new sales engagement conference. It's going to take place March ten through twelve in San Diego. I will be there interviewing Dan Cook from Lucid Chart. Listeners of the pod get a hundred dollars off simply for entering the code sh pod. So hop over to unleashed out Auracho and use the code Les h pod to save a hundred dollars off your ticket. So thanks so much. Now we've got Chris in D Donato from earlier this week. Chris and D talk to us about strategies for working more effectively with procurement. That's a great question, Sam. So we talked earlier about getting meaningful interactions procurements. So, but let's them pack...

...this a little bit more. Procurement function, in all my errors of experience, you know, has traditionally been really focused on building internal relationships just as much as build an external relationships. What I mean by this our function is really focused on understanding the business and making sure that we bring this value. So proven that value kind of theme is really important for procurement. The way that we can get there is was the help of the sales dam actually. So a couple of suggestions. I would say make it relevant and interested in insightful for procurement professionals. If you have in a conversation, if your trying to reach out, bring competitive insight, bring something that will be valuable for procurement leader than to take it to the business, you know, spark the you know the conversation about be denovation, better process, you efficiency, because whatever the value driver that your product you know, might be bringing, but breeding in a competitive context. I think that is really valuable for us to be positioned as somebody that that adds that. Then I would say it might..., you know, country intuitive, but I often see suppliers kind of fragment their relationship and, you know, almost the compartmentalize them. You know they have a relationship with somebody in the business, made somebody, somebody in finance and they keep them deliberately disconnected sometimes, but the fear maybe that I don't want this project to be stopped by someone. Take a different approach. Be Transparent with your procurement contact. What that does actually you become even more valuable than for the procurement individual to know what's going on with in the enterprise, especially if we're talking about large enterprises, and I worked, you know, some of the top companies in different industries and being able to connect that that's internally is just as valuable as bringing insight externally. So shake off that you know country to interfere, you know of sharing, embrace the transparency and...

...and you know, more value to that procurement individual. And then the third thing I would say try to minimize element of surprise. Often Times I see the suppliers you make in the rounds with the business and pretty much hammering out, you know, the deal and bring in procurement at the end and then just just to be met with huge resistance and the big stop science saying Whoa now we've got either bid this deal or completely renegotiate. So just when you thought you were pretty much at the altar, you know you have to go back to dating and that's like that's not pleasant for anybody, right. So you've invested all the time and to build a relationships. So my strong UND recommendation is bring procurement early, even though you might fear that. You know, this could be our beat and I'd rather make it a soul source deal, but start the conversation. It should be sold source deal. Then convinced, you know, bring the right kind of data points and you know perspective why this is the right idea to maybe test and learned before jumping onto a bigger deal, and that's usually a nice, safer way to start a relationship. Anyway, I think, yeah, you know we're going to say,...

Chris, go for it. Just that that just you view this. View your role to a degree as that curator the buying experience for the customer. Be The one that brings a level of market insight to your customer. Be The one that helps name the problem, that helps kind of build the plan. You know, keep whether it's earlier or the close plan. Had to get a deal done. The more that you can leverage procurement and they view you as that trusted curator along the buying journey, you're going to be in a great position. That's fantastic. So recapping what I think we just heard is, first of all, folks, if you're out there listening, treat procurement as the friend, not the enemy. Bring them into the sales cycle earlier rather than later, and that will help avoid surprises. Make sure you're bringing value to the procurement person so they can bring competitive insight and market intelligence back to the organization, and ensure that you're being transparent with your procurrent contact, not keeping them in the dark, but be a uniter across the organization. Be The salesperson that connects the business team to the procurement team and helps all of them achieve their goals more effectively. So that's that's Friday fundamentals for... If you want to reach out to me, I'm in Linkedin, Linkedincom the word in and then Sam f Jacobs. And if you want to reach Chris or D I think the best way is linkedin. Or Chris, give us your email address one more time to reach out to you at e sell us. Yes, it's Chris at e sells Eeselas, or you could find Donna or myself on move, same sidecom. That's great. Move Same Sidecom, or Chris Ady sell us, Chris and Donna thanks so much for joining us on Friday fundamentals and for being our guests this week, and we will talk to you soon. Thank you, Sam. Thank you,.

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