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Friday Fundamentals EP 19: The Top 3 Mistakes You Make in Sales Coaching


Today, we're discussing the seven deadly sins of sales coaching. Don't become a crutch. Become a coach! 

If that's all you take away from today's episode, you're on your way to becoming a successful sales leader.

Everybody, it's Sam Jacobs. Welcome to Friday fundamentals. We've got this week's guest Rob Jepson, on the show and today we're going to talk about the seven deadly sins when it comes to sales coaching and what rob's going to walk us through the top three. And then to get the other four you're going to have to go to xfoyancom and and download the info graphic that they put together, but we're super excited to talk about it. Before we dive in, we always have to let you know who were brought to you by. Were brought to you today by outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities in scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves visibility into what really drives results. But none of that counts if you're doing a Shitty job at coaching, and this is why rob is here to talk to us about the top three mistakes that you will make when you are coaching, and we want to get better. So rob what are they...

...all right, in reverse the order, David, let him missile right. Number three, drum roll three, and this is the one, is number three, because it affects me the most, and it's being a crutch, not a coach. And this happens when we jump in and we say I'm just going to take over this deal or I'm going to show you how to do it, or we're listening on a call and we can't shut up. You know, when we do this, we emasculate our team. We make it so they've lost the ability to be relevant with that customer. That's the best part of the bad things happen, but worst you now become this bottle, this crutch that they lean on. You don't develop people. Remember, our primary role as leaders is to make sure that we're help people intentionally improve and go from current state to picture state. So when we become a crutch rather than a coach, that's the first one. Number two. Okay, there's so many a K it's hard to pick Sam but here's what I think it is. I believe we ambush with data and every leader I've ever met has their top secret. Now Magic Spreadsheet, okay, where we have all...

...of our metrics, we have all of our conversion rates, we have all of our ratios, we have everything going on and we bring up these manager spreadsheets and manager reports that the reps don't have access to and a oneon one and we coached it. Let me tell you what you're doing. Every time you do that, you're creating anxiety. The reps don't know what that magic spreadsheet says, they don't know what the report says and when they come to me with you in a oneone, they aren't confident. They aren't thinking about what they're going to be wanting to work on next. Instead they're worrying how they're going to show up on your report. So what? Instead of having a place that's a hundred percent safe for your reps, where they can come and knowing this is a strategic planning session, they have this dysfunction and this anxiety on what's going on, and then they start wondering, well, how accurate is it? Where do the day to come from? Do I really believe it? Are there are nominalies there. So, instead of saying what do we do in next, we ambush what data? If you are weaponizing data Sam stop doing it now and that leads to number one, which I believe is the hardest one of everything. We have lack of individualization. Sam.

One of the things that we do is we try to coach with these averages. We probably have the stack rankings. We try to play games with hey rise to the top of the leader bad board. Will have our wall of fame and our wall of shame. And individualization is about finding what's the one or two things small than they be to help this rep go from a to be to find out what's the desired next place. And I don't care if it's only ten percent improvement. If every single one of your coaching session, Sam has a rep leave with a commitment and a plan on if I do this, I have reason to believe I'll get xpercent better. You will be blown away how prepared they start coming to your oneon ones, because they'll come to you with content and they will ask you for context. So those are my top three sound I hope that helps the listeners. You want all seven of them, come find them, but don't be a crutch. Be a coach. Never, never weaponize data and ambush with it and by all...

...means make sure that you are using your time as a leader to create individual plans for individual reps and what you will find is your one on one is become your most strategic resource at your disposal. I love that, rob. That's awesome. If there are people out there that are nodding their heads and they want to go work for explain or they want to get in touch with you, remind us your preferred mechanism for communication with the outside world. Hit Me on Linkedin, rob, just on Linkedin. I'm easy to find. I share a lot of content. Go to our website or just email on me. I mean rob at Xvoy X Voy antcom. I love meeting sales leaders. I love talking the sales people. We are all about lifting the profession and I love meeting people in the world's grids profession, that of sales. Rob Thanks so much for being on the show this week. You are an incredible guests and I'll talk to you soon. Talk to some buddy.

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