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Friday Fundamentals EP 20: The Role of Chatbots in Sales


Today on Friday Fundamentals, we talk about the role of chat bots in sales. Until bots learn consciousness, bots won't replace sales teams. They're a bionic arm and they're here to help you increase sales. Good idea? David Katz thinks so!

Hey everybody, it's Sam Jacobs, host of the Sales Hacker podcast, founder of revenue collective, where in six cities around the world. As you probably know at this point, today we're here for Friday fundamentals and we've got our guest for the week David Kats, who is a senior sales director at Intercom and has a lot of great insights on the differences between chat bots and salespeople and really how sales people need to evolve in order to meet the expectations of a world where people's consumer experiences are migrating into the be to the enterprise world. was just mean say of higher expectations, essentially. So that's going to be a great little topic that we're going to talk about. But before we get there, let's talk to about Friday fundamentals. Is brought to you by who? It is brought to you by it is brought to you by that wonderful company that we all know in love called outreach. Now, outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth... prioritizing the right activities in scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves visibility into what really drives results. Outreach is the sole and exclusive sponsor of revenue collective and we got a demo yesterday for some of the tools that outreaches building and they're really, really amazing in terms of the depth of the analytics that they can provide. So if you're interested to go over to sales hackercom, forward slash outreach and you can learn more about how how to use outreach in your sales engagement process. But we're here today with this week's guest, David Kats. David Cat's working at Intercom and David we've been talking about this idea of chat bots versus sales reps. today's me to be prospects. Our prime to expect be to see consumer grade buying experiences on demand, real time, instant, highly satisfactory. How should sales teams evolve to meet these new expectations? Yeah, that's a great question and say I'm I hope to see you next week at unleash. I'm assuming... got to be there right. I will be there and when people listen to this it will be like a month and a half after unleash. But while we're talking right now, I will be. I'm flying in on Sunday and I can't wait to meet you in person. Fantastic, looking forward to it. So I think this is a huge concern that we have to address with perspective users of Intercom, because Intergram, for people listening, is a communication platform that lets we let our customers better engage with and drive, hopefully, faster growth through better relationships from finding what you exactly talked about. This perfect blend for you as a customer between speed and personalization of your customer communication throughout the entire life cycle, and a big part of that for us to address a speed is we've developed boughts, and I think people are very asking it by Bots, but worry that a bought might actually replace a member of your sales team, and I'm here to say that until bots learn consciousness and can operate with situational awareness, I wouldn't be that concern around bots replacing sales...

...teams. What I would say is that think of a Bot as a bionic arm that you can have as a salesperson to increase your efficiency and for you know, a buyer of sales software to increase the your overfall teams efficiency and their ability to sell. A great example of that here is, you know, the the perception versus the reality of working with a Bot. So things that think bots can be really good at is simple upfront qualification or question answering. And think about what is the most precious commodity that we as sales people have, our time, our time, and you don't want to spend time with the wrong people or waste time asking them, you know, kind of simple questions. You kind of want to be able to get into the meat of what's really important to them as they're evaluating your software and your products. So for us, we actually have bots that do that on our website for our own sales team, that ask questions that are, we know, important... us to make sure we're having the right conversation. So things like the employee size, what industry the company is in, what products they're interested in, is there an actual evaluation in place? And then we take a step further by turbocharging that and putting certain data tools in front of it like clear bit, and letting clear bit do a lot of other upfront qualification. So we already know when someone comes to our site that you know they're from a five hundred thousand person be Tob SASS company in the FINTEX space spased here in the bay area. And so then we can just get get to the meat of the real important conversations quicker. Is this replacing an str some of this qualification, these interactive qualification questions? No, it's making them more efficient. So we actually a pretty big STR team here and it's been growing and it's funny. I remember when we first actually rolled out our first bought and it was our our kind of custom chat bought, and when we rolled it out for our own team it was very hard to keep our team from wanting to...

...just jump in. So this team works out of an inbox all day where they're communicating on the Messenger of people on our website and before we had this bought, you know, someone would chat in and say hello and they would respond immediately right and when it's all about that first response time, and they would just jump in and start having a dialog with them. And we rolled out this custom bought, we had to get the team comfortable with hanging back and letting the BOT do some of that from qualification before they jumped in because they were so anxious to have this conversation and hopefully, you know, qualify a lead and pass it to a member of our kind of executive team that they would jump the gun and it took us a while to help them see that hey, if you actually hang back and let the bat do some of up front work, you'll then have the right conversations with the right people and you might not have as many conversations, but the quality of your conversation is going to go up. In the conversion rate of your opportunities is going to go up and since we've relate, released our chat bots last year, depending...

...on the segment we're talking about, for our sales teams, we've seen conversion rates go from the Mid Teens for conversion of opportunity up to almost fifty percent. Wow, that's amazing. So less than, I think, is use chat bots and use kind of conversational marketing techniques on your website to increase opportunity conversion and accelerate and increase the efficiency of your SDRs and your count executives. So well said. Thanks, David. It's been great having on the show all week and we really appreciate it. If folks are out there and they want to work for you, where they want to ask for some advice, just remind us about your best and most preferred method of communication one more time. Linkedin is fantastic. Please feel Fre to reach out to me directly on Linkedin. It's just David Kats K Atz, or you can always email me, David doc cats at intercomcom. David, thank you so much and I'll see you soon. Pleasure. Sam, thanks so much.

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