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Friday Fundamentals EP 23: Top Dos and Donts for ABM


On this week's episode of Friday Fundamentals, we're unpacking the dos and donts for ABM! We'll give you a freebie: don't blindly spend money!

Everybody, it's Sam Jacobs. Welcome back to the saleshacker podcast. You're listening to Friday fundamentals, as I'm sure you know at this point. Friday fundamentals is a short format where we have this week's guest alone walks, the VP of marketing from Bisibou, and he's here to talk us, talk to us about one thing to do and one thing not to do when you're deploying an effective account Bas marketing strategy and ABM strategy. So that's going to be great. Now, before we get to alone, we want to make sure that we think our sponsor always, our sponsor for Friday fundamentals is outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves visibility into what really drives results. And we're talking about results because we've got this week's guest alone walks on the show. Alone. Welcome to the show. We want to hear from you one thing to do and one thing not to do when you're deploying an effective...

ABM strategy. Cool, hey, Sam, so let's talk with them. Not to do so that we end on the positive note. The Not to do is do not start buying tools and do not start sending in, spending tons of money, before you really get to understand the target audience persona. But Map your accounts and define your list. Doing that means this. Stock them in an official good way, not a bad way. Talk to some of them, understand what they care about, understand where they go to learn, understand what they hate, EG. Digital Spam and so forth. After you do that, take a subset and start working on your messaging and test it out. Only once you've done an ABM light mechanism by testing one too few, then you should start thinking about scaling it via tools, via spend, via direct mail. Starting to do that without really testing and going into an account based manner can be expensive and takes time, and that is counter... it to you and your cell steam. The one thing to do is align yourself and yourselves leaders on what list makes the most sense, that you both agree, shake hands and decide this quarter we're going to go for this. Two other fifty accounts and we're going to work on them in an aligned manner between marketing, a cover and one to one hand battle by the videon sales. For example, let's say you put it together a very good road show at the end of the quarter or the lost four weeks of the porter. You want to make sure that not only marketing invites people to attend, but that you curate the agenda content and look at your clusters with most of your target accounts all and then make sure that your sells people help you curate the list of the speakers. Who is going to be the target a count executive? Who's going to be the people they're going to be in the next podcast? Only would you align then and everybody's boat into the mechanism. Then... can succeed and have a quick velocity to AP apro alignment. The key to all success in life is making sure that everybody is singing from the same hymnal as they say, alone. Thanks so much for that insight for Friday fundamentals remind us. So it's Linkedin that you prefer to be contacted on and for the folks out there listening, it's Al n space waks alone walks. VP of marketing from Bisibo. This is Sam Jacobs. If you want to reach out to me, you can find me on Linkedin as well. It's linkedincom forward, slash the word in and then for Sam f Jacobs. Thanks for listening and we will talk to you next time. Thanks along for being on the show. All the best s.

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