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Friday Fundamentals: EP 25: How to Improve Your Engagement and Conversion on LinkedIn


Today on Friday Fundamentals, we're discussing how to convert more leads on LinkedIn and improve engagement at the same time. First up? In your summary section, talk about the impact you've had on companies and industries! 

Everybody. Welcome back to the salesacker podcasts and happy Friday. It's Friday fundamentals, as everybody knows. At this point, the entire universe knows. It's the short five to ten minute format where we bring you actionable insights. In this week we've got jaked on lap this week's guest. He is the CEO and founder of scaled. He is one of the leading the thought leaders on ways of reaching your buy or using all kinds of different mediums and platforms, including Linkedin, and today we're going to talk about two to three things that each individual person out there can do to improve their engagement and conversion on Linkedin. Now, before we do that, we want to thank the people that pay our bills, that put food in my belly, my ample Bellt as my wife will tell you, and that is outreach. So outreaches sponsoring Friday fundamentals. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement with intelligent...

...automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and approves visibility into what really drives results. Now, thank you. Outreach you. Without further du Jake, what or two to three things somebody out there that's listening can do to improve their presence, their brand, their effectiveness on Linkedin? All right, awesome, glad to do some Friday fundamentals. Give real tactical on let's give let's get tactic. Let's do it. So I think there's there's a couple of big reasons or the things that people can focus on. The versus your profile. Right, your profile, if you're using linkedin as a salesperson. Right, do you want to profile to read like a resume or do you want your profile to read like an industry expert? Right? So, a lot of people, whether it's your summary Section and starting to talk instead about your expert sales leader or sales person. Why not instead talk about the impact that you have on your companies that you work with? So that small tweak of your summary, small tweak of even how you describe your work experience, nobody cares. To me. President Club, they're a hundred, twenty ninezero profiles on Linkedin with the headline of Presidents Club, Learner. Do you think your buyers give a shit. You made Presidents Club. They know exactly.

So the key is make sure your profile speaks to your buyers. If you're using linkedin as a medium, it's not your resume or it speaks to different audience. Look, if you're a sales leader and you're really focused on recruitment, make sure it speaks to that. So if I'm a salesperson and I come to your your profile and like wow, I want to work for this guy or this woman, right. So I think a lot of people just don't think about who your audience is. Only did to make your profile rings that way. Yep. The second big thing is your engagement strategy. Can we please just wait for call to action? God Forbid, God forbid you, you. You've found some one on linkedin. And guess what the beautiful part is? Right now, a lot of your thought leaders, the VP's, the directors, the decision makers, you are to reach out to when they post and don't get a lot of engagement. So guess what, Johnny Smith in Atlanta, if you're trying to like, like, get in front of this person, comment on a post they put out, like the same post that they like, do a little bit of interaction for God forbid, a week or two weeks, and then they post something that's relevant. Then maybe you say hey, I really enjoyed the content. It actually seem that...

...saw your post today and thought look, here's there's a quick high level we're up to. Could be grant to connect either way. Keep falling your content. Thanks, Susan. They you go. You're you're going to be one of like five commoners. And guess what? Would you comment on someone's post? Two, three times, they remember you. So I think say SDR, sales people, sales managers, training people, operations, marking. You have to start to cheat, treat your pianteach the people how to socially engage, not how to socially sell that we're always. Can't be always selling on a social platform. So No, I think it's just have a more holistic engagement strategy. Have a strategy for how you're going to engage with people, because the beautiful part is, look, once you do that for a month, you've got it in. You're connecting with ten or fifteen new people every single day and you're setting up sales. Now to know when those people post, the machine starts to crank. It's just that first month. That gives people anxiety. That I'm not asking, but she when she started to put enough people through it. You can do that. So I didn't really think about your game and strategy. Be More focused on engaging and being social.

Yeah, not just straight called action. Perfect. That's great. I got okay, I love it. If we want to get in touch with you, just one more time for all the folks out there, tell us how to reach me on Linkedin. It's Jake dumb lap, pretty simple. Linkedincom Forward Sword, then forwards, Jake DNA. You just type in this. Yeah, and then Jake at scale, as Ka ledcom. I try to respond to all of my emails. I'm a quasi absessive and boxy R person, so I'll do my best to get's cool to you. Okay, and that those are the name orcom of the instagram. Just some cool stuff on instagram. Jake underscored on that underscore. There's an underscore at the end of done that. Yeah, it is all lot was taken. I get you can find Jake don't laugh and you can get a meeting with him. There's a bouncy for Jake don't laugh on instagram. I will buy that. You are health that I'll sad. Thanks everybody for listening. Frinday Fund meals. It's Sam Jay gobs. If you want to reach me, you can also reach me on Linkedin. It linkedincom forward the word in forward, Sam F Jacobs. You can email me at Sam f Jacobs at gmailcom and thanks for...

...listening. I'll talk to you next time, all right,.

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