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Friday Fundamentals: EP 27: Top Strategies for a Modern Seller


The world of sales has evolved in the past ten years. On Today's episode of Friday Fundamentals, we're chatting about how and why sales has evolved and how sellers can adapt to constant change. Stand out from all the noise. 

Hey everybody, it's Sam Jacobs. Welcome back to the salesacker podcast. Happy Friday. It's Friday fundamentals and, as you I'm sure no Friday fundamentals is that short five to ten minute format where we bring you actionable insights to help make a difference in what you do. Today we've got this week's guest, a listener win on the show from Linkedin. She's going to talk to us about the top lessons that you need to ingest and an absorb and practice if you want to be a great modern seller. Before that, we want to thank our sponsors, the people that put food on the table and that that company is outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves visibility into what really drives results. Now, Alyssa, thanks for being on the show. Welcome back. Thank you so much for having you back. It's been... long since we've last book so my question for you is, how does one what are the top lessons one should be my full of if they are aspiring to be a great modern seller. Yeah, you know, it's engine the world of sales has has just evolved and changed so much over the past handful of years from a world where any of us who grew up and you know the not too different future, we're used to cold calls and pulled outreach, and then we all got equipped with automated, you know, automation and and tools, and I think we're in this world where we have an opportunity really leverage great technology, but we have to be really thoughtful and how we use it. And I guess I'm probably speaking both of our languages here. The combination of of your platform with the the value of your network, and I think they're a couple of things are so important in today's a firement where we're all we're all used to being inundated with information and the real question is, how can you stand out from all of the noise and and insure get... getting an audience with the right folks? And I think they're really just a couple of really simple things. But as simple as they are, I don't see them done very often, especially based on the outreach that I received from sellers, and the first would be, this is going to sound overly simplistic, but get to know your buyer. They're are so many platforms today. Of course, Linkedin as a great one and you know, break place to learn more about who your buyer is and what he or she cares about, but there's so many platforms today. What we can learn about their background, their experience, their passions, their areas of expertise and and then being able to reach out, demonstrating that you've done your homework on who your buyer is and what they care about is such an important difference either if states today's environment, and so I think one is take that information and personalize your outreach. The number of cold emails that I get per day that have nothing to do with who I am and what I care about, nothing tailor to demonstrate that the blue reach are showing me. It's just mind blowing. So do...

...your background and homework and make it personal. The second would be leverager network for warm instructions. You know, we know that when you reach out and are introduced to someone, your conversion rates are higher, your asp is higher, your outcomes are are stronger than when you have the cold outreach. So if you have an opportunity and you can find someone in your network that you share in common, perhaps you went to the same college or university or you share common interests or groups, that is such a great ice frey here in a way to get in. It will definitely yield better result. So I think that's chip number two, and then two number three is to have an opinion. You know, I think today we all want to engage with people are going to add value and I want to spend time with sellers who I know I'm going to be smarter by having spent time with them, and so have a perspective, not just on your product in what you could do for me, but on the industry or on my industry and my function and making sure they're coming to the table with a point of view. So doesn't really my three tips. Those are awesome. So personalized, do your homework,...

...leverage warm introductions and have an opinion and a point of view. Nobody has ever accused me of not having a point of view. I can tell you that much. Alyssa, it's been great having on the show this week. Thanks so much for those that want to get in touch. It's a Listamerwin. She's on Linkedin to work for Linkedin, so I'm sure she'll be responsive. If you want to get in touch with me, it's Linkedincom for slash the word in and then forward. Sam F Jacobs. If you have not rated our show on Itunes, please do so. Please give us whatever rating you think is appropriate, as long as it's five stars. And thanks so much for listening. Everybody will talk to you soon.

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