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Friday Fundamentals: EP 35: The 3 Keys to Driving A Great Enterprise Sale


We're chatting about the top 3 ways to drive enterprise sales.

Pioneer your enterprise. Put your customers concerns FIRST. Sales will follow.  

Hey everybody, it's Sam Jacobs. Happy Friday. I hope you're enjoying it. Hope that wherever this finds you it's not too humid and hunt. I'm sure it is in New York, even though you'll be listening to this in August. So this is a Friday fundamentals. I'm your host, Sam Jacobs. Today back on the show, we've got Ed Callman, who is the president and CO founder of seismic. Seismic is a company that's doing well, north of a hundred million, and revenue was bootstrap for the first three years. Founded in two thousand and ten and and help pioneer the sales enablement category, and so they are absolutely doing an amazing job. And Ed specifically started the company with the idea that they were going to go enterprise first, and so some of his first deals were with General Electric and with fidelity, among others. So we're going to talk today about the three keys to driving a great enterprise sale. Now, before we do that, we want to thank our sponsor. Our sponsor for Friday fundamentals is our corporate overlord, that is outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable...

...and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves visibility into what really drives results. So, without further ADO ED, welcome back to the show. What are the three keys to driving a great enterprise sale? Thanks for having me back, I appreciate it. I think it's buyers and sellers or overrun with information, and I think if you can, we try to coach our reps to think about three specific things when they enter into a pursuit. And first is, can you well do you, and can you prove to the prospect that you truly understand their business problem? That's number one. So do they have a problem worth spending time on? Do they have a problem that they fully understand and can you prove that you completely understand what they challenges at...

...hand? The second one is to prove that you fix that problem for someone else like them. So buyers want the security of the fact that you've successfully done similar things with their peers. Right. So to prove that you fixed a problem for someone that looks like them and had the same pain. And then the third most important pieces to prove that they will get a return on their investment. So if they give you money, what are they going to get back? And in an age where you have to write business cases and quantify purchases and, you know, go through several dozen and many cases decision makers, it's essential that you can help them build that business case and prove that if they spend money, then the organization is going to get something in return. That makes perfect sense. And when you think about the second part, which is showing them that other people like them understand their prod that that you've worked with other people like them so that you understand their problem, walk... through what that looks like in practice. A little bit totally. So it's not take my word for it. It's proving that you fix the problem with things like customer testimonials or case studies or white papers of specific challenges that resonate with the buyer. Right. So if you have a CMO at a High Growth Tech Company, you know proving to her that you've done similar things with similar companies in her space. So proving with detailed case study that you fix the same problem and after they invested, it took this much time to get running and this is the return that they saw, and then maybe proving that with video testimonials that they can use in their business case to help to justify the purchase when you're a down in the room. And so it's really trying to connect the dots to help buyers feel like you truly understand their pain and that you understand the journey that you're going to take them on. And...

...then you can live to really prove it with assets like case studies and videos and Urli models and other things that will not only make them feel comfortable but also help them to evangelize the message internally. Yeah, makes perfect sense. So, recapping, it's showing that a, you understand their problem or they're paying be, showing that other people like them have solved that problem or pain using your solution and then, three, demonstrating that there's some kind of return that they can generate as a consequence of implementing or solution. Did I get that right? It's exactly right, perfect. So that's been Friday fundamentals. D thanks so much for being on the show again. Remind US one more time, if we want to reach out to you to gain additional wisdom or possibly even apply to work at seismic how should we do that? Yeah, best places Linkedin. So shoot me an invite and then send me a quick message and let me know how I might be able to help. And I'm open to all invitations and I'm open to all requests. So anything I can do, please don't be shy. Perfect Ed. Thanks so much for being...

...on the show. If you want to reach me, it's Sam Jacobs that's linkedincom forward the word in and then forward Sam f Jacobs and also, finally, thanks to outreach, who is sponsoring the salesacker podcast and this episode of Friday fundamentals. Will Talk to you next time.

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