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Friday Fundamentals EP 4: Send Me More Information


On this episode of Friday Fundamentals, we dive into what your response and philosophy should be when someone says “send me more information”.  The truth is, you shouldn't send more information. As a sales person, you don't have to do everything your prospect asks you to do.


Everybody it's Sam Jacobs, you'relistening to Friday, fundamentals, which is the latest edition of theSales Hacker Podcast, I'm your host did. I say this already: Sam Jacobs on theSiro at Behavox behavoxis, the world's first behavioral operating system,backed by city and index ventures, and we are growing quickly and I'm also thefounder of the Revenue Collective Today on Friday fundamentals we're going totalk about what to do when somebody says, send me more information andperhaps more generally, what should your philosophy be around sales andaround being a free consultant or giving free consulting? Now before weget started, we always want to think our sponsors are sponsor for Friday.Fundamentals is outreach, outreach triples the productivity of sales teams,Tand empowers them to drive, predictable and measurable revenuegrowth by prioritizing the right activities and scale ing customengagement with intelligent automation,...

...outreach makes customer facing teamsmore effective and improves visibility into what really drives results. Hopover to out reach tat, ISL forwardshsale hacker to see howthousands of customers, including clouder glassdoor, Pandora Zilo, allrely on outreach to deliver higher revenue, percale's rap. So what I wasmentioning before we're talking about when somebody says, send me moreinformation. It's a very. This could probably be a two minute episode andI'm not sure how Youd feel about that. If you download you took the time todownload this, and it was only two minutes, so you can send me a hate mailif you want, but here's the point, don't send, don't send people moreinformation when they say send me more information. I think there's a thisperspective among certain sales people that your job is to make people likeyou and that you're supposed to be accommodating, because, if you're notaccommodating, that means that they won't like you and if they don't likeyou, they're not going to buy from you now there's a we call that aselflimiting record. It's basically an...

...assumption or a belief that you havethat limits your performance and if you listened an episode one, we talkedabout commitment. Part of commitment is working through your personalinsecurities and all of these fears that you have in life to be aneffective salesperson. The role of sales is not to get people to like you,I would say it's closer to getting people to respect you, but really it'sneither of those things. What it really is is it is about aligning a vision ofthe world with your prospect so that they believe that your mutual visionhas a problem that can be solved by the product that you represent. Now otherpeople, including I'm sure, Jake Dunlap out there, might my quibble, then helldo a linkedin video all about how that's the wrong definition. But here'sthe point of today's episode, you don't have to do everything that yourprospect asks you to do and when they say send me more information. Whatthey're really trying to do is politely brush you off, and it is an opportunityfor you to just...

...maintain and stay in the moment andwhen they say send me more information instead of saying yes sure, instead of,for example, even offering more information, here's what you should do.You should say I'd love to send you more information, but we're on thephone right now. What information would you find most valuable? What I reallywant to do is have a conversation about those points and see if we can talkabout them, because, everybody's time s is valuable, everybody's busy we're onthe phone right now, let's chat about it. So again, what you're doing isyou're, providing a balanced objection, handling mechanism back to the prospectand you're, instead of just doing what they ask you to do, you're trying touncover what are the real objections, because, most of the time, the reasonthat people are blowing you off whether it's they go dark or they're, onresponsive where they say, send me more information. They didn't understand whyor how what you are talking about alignes, with what they're doing everyday why it solves a problem that they have so...

...when somebody says, send me moreinformation. That is a signal not to send them more information. It is asignal that there's more to do, there's more to do in discovery, there's morequestions that need answering and there's more opportunity. So what Iwould encourage you to try and do is stay in the moment stay in that moment,even though it's so hard and your instinct is just hang up the phone andsay you know yes, sir, yes ma'am. What you want to do is say what informationwould be helpful. Let's make sure we're on the phone right now. Is theresomething that I can address or are ther specific issues that I can walkyou through and again any time somebody's blowing you off it's likelybecause they didn't understand they weren't listening. You didn't piercethat veil of sort of that that zone that cone of nothingness that everybodywears around their head every day. Where they're not hearing you they're,not listening, you didn't preach it so find a way to breach that cone, breachthat veil, so that you can get into their heads and actually talk to themabout what's important to them. So if you listen or remember nothing elsefrom this interaction, remember that... says when somebody says send memore information. Please don't do that and please take a moment to provide agentle pushback to figure out what is it that they don't understand aboutwhat you just described, so this has been Friday fundamentals. It's broughtto you by out Ratshim your host Sam Jacobs. If you've got feedback for usor you want a specific fundamental issue addressed, please let me know youcan reach band Lindon Linkdoncom the word in in Lash, Sam f Jacobs. I am notvery discriminating when it comes to accepting friend request, so there's ahigh likelihood that you will be accepted and send me a note, and I willget back to you and please keep listening future episodes willhopefully have a bunch of guests and friends and we're going to try and keepit a little light for Friday. So thanks for listening, this has been Friday.Fundamentals have a great weekend and I'll talk to you soon.

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