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Friday Fundamentals: EP 42: 3 Steps to Building The Right Sales Enablement Strategy


On this episode of Friday Fundamentals, we're discussing 3 steps to building the right sales enablement strategy. Top on the list? Define what problem you're trying to solve. 

Everybody, it's Sam Jacobs. Welcome back to the Sales Hacker podcast and to Friday fundamentals. We're excited to have this week's guest on the show Jason Holmes, who's the president and Chief Operating Officer of show pad, and he's going to be talking to us about three things that you can do to to begin your sales enablement strategy right away. So we're excited about that. Now, before we dive in, we want to thank our sponsor. Our sponsor for Friday fundamentals is outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to try predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves visibility into what really drives results. So thank you outreach, and without further ADO, Jason. So when we're thinking about you know, we heard the interview earlier this week about sales enablement. We were inspired. We want to begin implementing a useful of practical sales enablement strategy. What are three things we can... right away to make that happen. The three things that I would come up with. First and foremost is define what problem you're trying to solve, and the number of companies that go down the path of buying a technology and then figuring out what to do with it still remains pretty shocking at this point in time. As I would think about sales enablement, I would think about how do you prepare your sellers, how do you engage buyers more effectively, and how do you dry analytics to continue to improve your content and your buying experience? And so first and foremost is defining the problem. We generally, and I generally define the problem as one of content, sales, content solutions, as well as how do you on board and continuously improve ever boarding, as it was told to me recently, your sales reps effectively. So I think that's the first category, is this definition of the problem and make sure that it's broad enough. The second one that I would talk about is defining the players around the table who are actually going to make this happen. First...

...and foremost, there has to be an executive, a president, a CEO, ahead of sales, ahead of marketing. Somebody has to drive this from an executive standpoint to ensure that the project actually lose forward, people adopt it and the solution is ultimately used inside of the company. And second is most people don't have a sales enablement person lying around their organization doing nothing right. So in many cases it has to be staffed at a WHO does the day to day hands on work to make sure that the sales enablement moves forward every single day. And third, I think it is a selection process of determining who do you work with to provide the solution to the company and ultimately, I think selecting the right partner. Obviously show pad does this. We have great competitors. It's a great category right now that exists out there. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. I think it's clarity on that problem. Definition all tim only helps connect you into what's the best possible technology decision you can make to ensure that you've got the technology underpinning that make the fable to enable... the process and the people associated with sales enable but successful. And I think if you can do those three things and think about it holistically, you can land with a great sales enablement strategy and the implementation over the near term. I love it. So just restating that back to you. You can correct me. But a define the problem we're trying to solve. Be define the team that's going to solve that problem and make sure that as part of that team there's clear executive sponsorship and engagement so that you're not some team running off doing a project that doesn't have the buy and, hopefully, of the CEO. And then once you've done those first two things, then you can determine which technology platform, if you want to use a technology platform, you're going to partner with because you've defined the problem correctly and you've got the team with executive buy and that sound right perfect. You're going to do well. Thanks. Thanks, boss. I'll send you my outh sending my resume. Jason, thanks so much for being on Friday. Fundamentals. Remind us the best way to contact you if people are interested in learning more. Probably you...

...know. Obviously we can go to show padcom, but if people want to reach out to you directly, what's your preferred mechanism? Jason Dot Holmes at show padcom. Wonderful, Jason, thanks for being on the show. Thanks to outreach, our sponsor for Friday, fundamentals. My name is Sam Jacobs and I'll talk to you next time.

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