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Friday Fundamentals EP 8: How to Sell When You’re Facing Off Against a Direct Competitor


On this episode of Friday Fundamentals, we discuss competitive selling strategies. If you're going against a direct competitor, stay on the high road. Teach your sales team to differentiate between your product and your competitor.

Listen in today for actionable tips on today's episode. 

E folks, it', Sam Jacobs and you'relistening to Friday fundamentals that portion of the sales hacker podcast wecome out on Friday and we give you one to two quick actionable insights thathelp you sort of tackle your day and tackle your sales career. And typically, these conversations arecoming from both the guests on the show who are leveraging years of salesexperience and they're coming from conversations within the revenuecollective. That is again the Networking Association, an AdvocacyGroup of commercial exacts that I run we're now in Boston, DENVER, Amsterdam,Toronto, London, of course, New York. If you want to hear more, just drop mealine and we'll talk about that in the show notes. But today we've got billbench. This week's guest in the chief Revenue Officer at Pendo and he's goingto be talking about competitive selling strategies how to how to think aboutpositioning the sale when you're going directly against what you wouldperceive to be a direct competitor. Now, before we get started, this episode ofFriday fundamentals is brought you by outreach, outreach, triples theproductivity of sales teams and...

...empowers them to drive predictable andmeasurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities andscaling. Customer engagement with intelligent automation, outreach makescustomer facing teams more effective and improves his ability into whatreally drives results. Hop overdoo reach, OT, ile, forrd, slash saleshecker to see ow. Thousands of customers, including Claudera glassdoor,Pandora and Zilo Relyan out reach, deliver higher revenue per cales rip sobill. Thanks for being on the show, we want to talk about what are your bestpractices when you are selling against a direct competitor? What do you coachyour up to do and how should we head into that conversation with theprospect Ti's a great question, the the short answer is I try to teach peopleto take and stay on the Highroad Sam and let me break it down foreeu. What Imean Bo that you can take a Prok like Pendo. It cells O small business, ind,big business. We sell here domestically in the US. We sell internationally, wesell to btob companies. We sell the BDC companies and we sell in a couplespaces. We have an analytic portion of our tool and we have a guide and in atmessaging componator product. Each one of those areas may have a specificcompetitor right. There might be a...

...different small business comparer thanin the business or national to international, and so, if you try tothink about things from your competitive perspective, that's Goinnabe hard because you're always Goinna be chasing your tail. And so what I try toteach my team is take the high road and what the high road is is think aboutthe customer. What they care about and what they care about is how do extractvalue. I mean we all insolve ourself technical products, obviously or toolsor platforms, but the fact is, people buy them because they're looking atsome kind of outbut so focus on that output and what I try to teach my salesteam is you're going to go out Tho market and there's going to be some.You know aboveboard competitors like us that go in there and try to sell valueand sell why their tools better and there's going ta be some belowboardones that try to drag you into the muts and into the mud. And what I try toteach is: Don't take the Bait: don't go in the mud. Go back to the customer. Ifthe customer saying Hey, they gave me this chart that compares them againstyou. Do you have a similar charge? Just be bold and confiet and saying no, wedon't. We don't spend time building...

...that Shit, because what we spend ourtime on is focusing on you and if that doesn't reverberate, if that doesn'thit to the the customer, then you know what some customers want to see a bloodbath. They want to see you get down in the mud and duke it out with yourcompetitor question: wherher, that's a great great buyer, but the reality is.I is I like people that stay very focused on what the output is for thecustomer, so much so that I have a slide that I show my selfe seems thatsays differentiator, something only Pendo does that no one else can thatour customers care about. Oh, so you teach like specific and, ofcourse, to your point. You have to know some of those differentiators as well.Yeah, absolutely I mean like I'm not saying that you're just going to keepeverything at the atmospheric level, but you certainly you know, I'm goingto come and train my team on. Why is our product unique? Why is it different,and why does a customer care about that right, like you can say, hey we havethis feature and the fact that nobody ever used that feature. Well, thattells you your customers, Anon't Realy...

...careabout. So it's got to be somethingthat's compelling for your buyer to want to tune into makes sense billthanks so much for being on Friday fundamentals and it's been great havingyou on the show this week. So thank you very much, yeah, absolutely good tojoin.

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