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Friday Fundamentals EP 9: How to Nail The Job Interview


On this episode of Friday Fundamentals, we discussing nailing a job interview. 

What'd we learn? You can’t turn down a job offer you can’t get. The most important thing you’ll sell is yourself in an interview.

Don’t be in buying mode. Give yourself a chance to fully understand the job market before jumping in. 

E everybody it's Sam Jacobs and I amthe host of the sales hacker podcast. As you probably know at this point, I'malso the founder of the revenue collective. We are building the largestand hopefully the best professional membership organization and AdvocacyGroup for commercial executives at growth. Companies in the world were insix cities right now: Boston, Denver, New York, London, Amsterdam, Toronto. Ithink that's six, and and if it's not on I'll correck myself and we'retalking to one of our partners in Toronto, Jamies Carro, he was on thepod earlier this week and we're talking about advice to give to candidates whenyou're heading into an interview. Now before we get there, we want to thankour sponsor, so Friday, fundamentals is brought to you by outreach, outreach,triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictableand measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities andscaleing customer engagement with...

...intelligent automation, outrige makescustomer facing teams more effective and improves his ability into whatreally drives results now coming up in March, outriaches running unleash twothousand and nineteen the sales engagement conference. So this is goingto be the definitive, great new sales engagement conference. It's going to totake place March, ten through twelve in San Diego listeners of the pod, get ahundred dollars off simply for entering the code, sh pot. So that's a hundreddollars off and these can be expensive tickets. So a hundred dollars can countfor something that code again. His Sh pod pop over to unlanched dot outreached Atayo and use the code sh pod to save a hundred dollars off yourticket. I will be there. I think we just figure it out. I'm going to beinterviewing Dan Cook who's been on the POD, who runs sales for lucid chart outof Salt Lake City. So that's going to be an amazing session. Max is going tobe there. The FOUNDERF sales hacker man he's going to be there. The CEO of outRach is going to be amazing, so please come, but we've got jamies scarbroughnow and Jamie we're on frindy Friday fundamentals, and I want to ask you avery simple question, which is: What is the most important one piece of adviceyou can give to candidates heading into...

...a sales interview? Thank you, Sam all,right that one pince of advice I would give is you can't turn down a job offerthat you don't get so, let's kind of think about that for a second, the mostimportant thing that you will ever sell as a souts person in your life isyourself in this interview. If you can't do that, how can you possiblysell anything else? So a lot of people go into an interview and they're in VinMo it's a hot market. They've got a lot of choice, and so they start buying waytoo early hey. Why should I accept this? Ch got this job. This company, you haveto appreciate the employer, doesn't feel that way. The employer doesn'tfeel lucky to have you there. The employer is looking to find someonethat is going to really make a difference for their company they're,going to bring in reverue becaus t they're going to add culturalcontribution, they're going to be there for a long time, and so you need tostart understanding first, that you're selling before your buyan. You cannotturn down a job unless you get offere...

...that job so do not put the buying cyclebefore the sourcycle within that you've got to think about everything thatyou're going to be doing to come into that meeding you, the time you come in.There is never an excuse ever to be late for a sales meeting, includingthis interview. If you think that you, the traffic, is a good reason. Wellguess what being in Toronto Weing in a major city, there is always traffic.There is always construction. You should be there forty five minutesbefore, and you should give yourself a buffer for that. Forty five minutes,you should be sitting in tha coffee shop, downstairs forty five minutesbefore no matter what going through what your Plang for this meeting it youneed to be dressed appropriately. Yes, a lot of companies now dress incredibly casually, but that doesn't mean thatyou should dress casually. It doesn't mean that you have to be in Sutantize,but it does mean that you have to be andressed as if you are a professional.A very good dress nowadays is a really...

...nice blaze and a dark and dark jeansfor a guy and for for a girl. You can go into our website and you can haveham. Look for yourself be on time, make sure you're wearing a prigrate clothing,be prepared before you go. There understand what they do, what they sell.If you're asking questions in the interview that you could have foundonline, some of the best interviewers right now will just be completely putoff by you. If you could have found that information simply but on theirlinked in profile Thiaf, you could have found it on the company's website. Thenwhy do you ask you in that meeting, come prepared with really goodquestions, hat arerelevant to that specific situation and thet advance theconversation? If you do that, you're going to putyourself in a really good spot to win, I love it. I'm going to add no, likeGod, two days scruff on the face. If you're a man either be clean, shaven orhalf a beard but make the call and commit we don't want to see, becauseotherwise you just look like a pob. I love that, and you know...

I'm actually the WA I'f an offender ofthat. I think that's a great wine sound. I am always shaven to like you know theone plade and you're right. I ABS. I got to make a commenment here. Do Iothe half scruff is okay if it's sculptired, but if it's not sculptoredyou're, just a Slo, I got te NEC bear and your hand Ih. I love this. I'velearned, Somehin, Witte, very good, and then I gots the last thing is alwaysbring a copy of your multiple copies of your asman good card stock. But Jamie,it's been great. Having you on Friday fundamentals, it's been great, havingyou on the podcast this week or so appreciative. If you want to reach outto Jamie, you can via linkd in he will get right back to you. He runs salestalent agency in Toronto, one of the best recruiting firms in Canada andprobably North America, and much more to come from Sta over the course oftwothousand and Nineteen Jamie thinks fore being on Friday fundamentals. It was aPleasur SA, I'm really fun. Thank you.

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