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Friday Fundamentals 128: Gauri Chawla


Friday Fundamentals 129: Guari Chawla

Everybody at Sam Jacob's, happy Friday,welcome to Friday fundamentals. You know Friday fundamentals that Shortfive to ten minute format, where we bring you actionable insights to helpmake a difference in what you do today. Today, we've got back on the show thisweek's gas cory. Cava gory is the vice president of global partners andalliances at a really cool company called in river and she's, going totalk to us about the number one key to forming a successful fighter hip, andit's really an area. That's misunderstood across the salestechnology landscape across the technology landscape and it's adiscipline that a lot of people need to know more about, because it can reallydrive valuable results for your company. So we're excited to ask for that nowbefore we get there, we want to thank our sponsor. Try to find em tent elseis brought to by out reach. I reach triples the productivity of sales teamsand powers them to drive, predictable and measurable revenue growth by priortizing, the right activities and scale and custom engagement with intelligentautomation out rich, makes customer facing teams more effective andimproves his ability into what really glads resolves glory. Welcome back tothe show, thank you were excited to have you so here's the question we wantit. We want to ask you today what, in your opinion, is the number one key toforming successful partnerships? I think the number one key to formingsuccessful partnerships is the value proposition that you bring tothe market a lot of partners and alliances they find each other. Theythink they should be working together. They don't really put a plan together.They don't really feel a gap and it's usually because they haven't reallythought through. What are we really doing together? A lot of people youknow want to create partnerships because they want to drive revenue andthey start from that point which we all know. You know success freed successwhen you start with a deal, it's the best way to to start a partnership.Everybody knows that, that's what...

...everybody says, which I agree with to acertain extent, but if you want to create a true strategic partnershipthat really drives revenue, you got to really understand the value you bothbring together to the market and then create the right plan to execute on,because when you don't have that after the first couple of deals where itmight have come together, because a couple of customers needed you guystogether, it tends to fizzle out. So when you have the right valueproposition and then you have the right engagement, it's a much strongerfoundation to build off of, and a lot of people forget about that piece. Ithink that's so insightful because I personally have done so manypartnerships where you're right, but we always started at, is: Let's train theother teams, the other company Sales Team on how to sell or product not. Whyis the combination of these products, something that's useful for thecustomer? So I think you just make a fantastic point and then you can continue to evolve itas times change right and that's where I think you've become more successfulas partners when you can adapt to what's happening, and you can actuallyrespond to your customers needs that way, but you've already built thatrelationship with the customer to so that to me is kind of the thefoundation of everything I love it remind us to folks want to get in touchwith you. What's the best way, my email is the best way and I'll spell it out.It's gory, which is G, a U Ri, Dot, Chavel CH, a W L A at in Rivercombefolks want to reach out to me. You can Islington for slash the word in forLaston, F Jacobs. You can also email me Sandi revenue, plection, thanks to ourreach, our wonderful sponsored glory thanks. So much will be in our guest onthe show this week. Thanks for having me.

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