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Friday Fundamentals 144: Hakim Myers


Friday Fundamentals 144: Hakim Myers

Everybody at Sam Jacobs welcome to theSales Hacker podcast into Friday: Fundamentals. Happy Friday, you knowFriday fundamentals, it's that short five to ten minute format. When webring you action ensines to out make a difference in what you do today. We'vegot this week's guest back on the show. Hoo Ke Myers he's a business recruiterat next door and he's going to talk to us about the single most importantpiece of career advice that you can take to heart to improve the trajectoryof your career. Now before we get there, we want to think our sponsors. We'vegot two sponsors for Friday: Fundamentals: The verses out, reach outrich triples, a productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drivepredictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the rightactivities in scaling. Customer engagement with intelligent automation,outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves his abilityto it really drives. Results were also sponsored by pavilion. Pavilion is thekey to getting more out of your career. Our private membership connects youwith the network of thousands of like minded peers and resources, includingover twenty different schools that...

...provide certifications aroundprofessional education and development. There's str acceleration school salesschool for people that are early in the career and there's even schools, likechief Revenue Officer, chief marketing officer and chief customer officers,School for people that are trying to get to the sea sweet unlock yourprofessional potential with the pavilion membership get started to dayat Join Pavilion Com. Now, Hakim. Welcome back to the show, hey thanksfor having me saying an absolute pleasure. Being re excited to get thisFriday kicked off. Thank you, yeah. WE'RE EQUALLY EXCITED!So here's our question for you on Friday, finable. What's the number onepiece of cur advice you want to give to people yeah, I appreciate you askingbecause you know careers are a long journey. There's a ton of things thatyou can go through and a million things can change. So I first want to say justgo, slow and take your time and don't think that it's going to come at youright away and when change says, come accepted and be ready to take theresources that you have at hand to own those changes and continue drawing yourcareer. I think the major thing that...

I've learned throughout the thirteenyears since graduating college this there's Times where I question you knowwhat my career is or you know where I'm going with it. But that's when I youknow rely on my trusted board. Members of those are friends family members,that I've continued to rely on to get career advice, and I would say, if youdon't have that for yourself. Definitely take the time to spend. Youknow a few ments saying who has helped you make open decisions and don't beafraid to make those people part of your internal board and that's beenvery successful for me. You know when just looking at my career and how Iadvance it and what I definitely like this week to Canis about when havingthose first initial conversations of what they're looking for and wherethey're looking to go with their career, that's being patient with it andknowing that it's always about in changing so be patient, know that it'sevolving and changing take a long term view and then make sure that youdevelop the right relationships. Is that right? Yes, sir? I definitely youknow, make sure you re making the...

...relationships and, I would say, O mine,those relationships change over time. As you change you, I've been at points,you know in my life and career, where I was on the agency side, so I would sayI was associating or building relationships you know with people inthe different industries, whereas now working more on the internal side, therelationships that I'm building you know for a career advancement or moreso with internal stakeholders. You know who I want to create long termrelationships with, not necessarily more so a business connection. You knowwhere I'm hoping to eventually no hire for multiple companies makes a lot ofsense. I Cam Yeah folks want to reach out to you. What's the remind us, thebest way to get in touch yeah, please shoot me a message on link, then I'msuper responsive there. If you can't get me on Lenten to free to shut meemail at h, Myers, twenty, four and Tacoma, and we can definitely tap hereas well awesome. I came thanks so much for being our guests on the SalesHacker podcast folks. Is he want to treat reach out to me? You can it'sLincon force last the word in forges...

...last M: F Jacobs. You can email meSalmon, joint pavilion com thanks again to our sponsors, outreach, transformingthe lives of sales people everywhere and, of course, pavilion unlock yourprofessional potential with a pavilion membership today at join Pavilion Com.I came thanks so much for being our guests on the show this week.Absolutely thank you as well, and I look forward to the next time. Awesometalk to you soon. All right, bye, bye,.

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