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Friday Fundamentals 144: Hakim Myers


Friday Fundamentals 144: Hakim Myers

Hey everybody at Sam Jacobs. Welcometo the salesacker podcast and to Friday fundamentals. Happy Friday. You know Friday fundamentals. It's that short five to ten in a format where we bring youaction. One sits to help make a difference in what you do. Todaywe've got this week's guest back on the show, how Keey Myers. He'sa business recruiter at next door and he's going to talk to us about thesingle most important piece of career advice that you can take to heart to improvethe trajectory of your career. Now, before we get there, we wantto thank our sponsors. We've got two sponsors for Friday fundamentals. The firstis outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drivepredictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities in scaling customer engagement withintelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves visibility into whatreally drives results. We're also sponsored by pavilion. Pavilion is the key togetting more out of your career. Our private membership connects you with a networkof thousands of like minded peers and resources, including over twenty different schools that providecertifications around professional education and development.

There's STR cell racian school, SalesSchool for people that are early in the career, and there's even schools likechief revenue officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Customer Officers School for people thatare trying to get to the sea suite. Unlock your professional potential with a pavilionmembership. Gets started today at Joint PAVILIONCOM. Now, Hackem, welcomeback to the show. Hey, thanks for having me saying an absolute pleasureof being here. Excited to get this Friday kicked off. Thank you.Yeah, we're equally excited. So here's our question for you on Friday.fundamals, what's the number one piece of career advice you want to give topeople? Yeah, I appreciate you asking because you know, careers are along journey. There's a ton of things that you can go through and amillion things can change. So I first want to say just go slow andtake your time and don't think that it's going to come at you right awayand when change says come, accepted and be ready to take the resources thatyou have at and to own those changes...

...and continue growing your career. Ithink the major thing that I've learned throughout the thirteen years since graduating college isthere's Times where I question you know what my career is or you know whereI'm going with it, but that's when I rely on my trusted board members, and those are friends, family members that I've continued to rely on toget career advice, and I would say if you don't have that for yourself, definitely take the time to spend a few minutes thaying of who has helpedyou make good decisions and don't be afraid to make those people part of yourinternal board. And that's been very successful for me, you know, whenjust looking at my career and how I advanced it and what I definitely liketo speak to canids about when having those of the first initial conversations of whatthey're looking for, where they're looking to go with their career. It's beingpatient with it and knowing that it's always involved in changing. So be patient, know that it's evolving and changing, take a long term view and thenmake sure that you develop the right relationships. Is that right? Yes, sir, definitely, you know, make...

...sure you're making the relationships, andI would say I'm my in those relationships change over time as you change.You I've been that points, you know, in my life and career, whereI was on the agency side, so I would say I was assearching or building relationships, you know, with people in different industries, whereasnow working more on the internal side, the relationships that I'm building, youknow, for a career advancement or more so with internal stakeholders, you know, who I want to create long term relationships with, not necessarily more soon business connection, you know, where I'm hoping to eventually hire for multiplecompanies. Thanks a lot of sense, Akim. Yeah, I folks wantto reach out to you. What's the remind us the best way to getin touch. Yeah, please shoot me I message on Linkedin. I'm superresponsive there. If you can't get me a Linkedin, feel free to shootme an email at eight Myers twenty four, gmailcom. Then we can definitely tapthere as well. Awesome. I came. Thanks so much for beingour guests on the salesacer podcast. Folks, as you want to treat reach outto me. You Ken. It's...

...linkedincom forts. Last the word inforks. Last, m FF jacobs, you can email me Sam at joinPavilioncom. Thanks again to our sponsors, outreach transforming the lives of salespeople everywhereand, of course, pavilion. Unlock your professional potential with a pavilion membership. Today at join PAVILIONCOM. He came. Thanks so much for being our guestson the show this week. Absolutely thank you as well, and Ilook forward to the next time. Awesome. Talk to you soon. All right, bye, bye,.

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