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Friday Fundamentals 139: Jean Ayoub


Friday Fundamentals 139: Jean Ayoub

Everybody, it's Sam Jacobs. Welcome to Friday fundamentals and the salesacker podcast. We are back with our guests, this week, John Aub a different kind of guests than, frankly, we've ever had. John is the CEO and secretary general of ISSS, which is international social services. It's a nonprofit. Jean's based in Geneva and it's a nonprofit focused on assisting children that are separated from their parents, migrant children that are going from one place to another. We've read all about it in the news. Children from Central America and South America trying to get into the United States, children from Asia and the Middle East and Africa trying to get into Europe and the implications there. So it's an incredible organization because it assists children and advocates on behalf of specific children to help reunite them with their parents. Have to make sure that they're safe and that they're protected. So it's an incredible organization. Now, before we chat with John, because we're going to ask how does someone get involved in a cause that they're not familiar with, which is, of course, ISSS is ... such cause that we might be able to get involved with before we get there. We want to thank our sponsors. Friday fundamentals is brought to you by outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and approved resissability into what really drives results. We're also sponsored by pavilion. Pavilion is the key to getting more out of your career. Our private membership connects you with the network of thousands of like minded peers and resources where you can happen to leadership opportunities, professional development, mentorship and even take one of our courses through Pavilion University. Unlock your professional potential with a pavilion membership gets started today at Joint Pavilioncom John, welcome back to the show. Sam. Thank you for having me. We're excited to have you so. Our question for you is in the spirit of helping people understand. Let's say there's somebody that wants to be more involved with the world, wants to understand more about specific causes. What's your advice on how people can get more involved to help make the world a better... I think there are two or three layers of assistance free at the International Social Service. are very much eager to have the very first and foremost actually is for people out there, essentially post covid blind team difficulty is for you full the United States of America and for many countries in the world. Is this reflection of what is the new normal? Should we go back to what we will be doing in two thousand and nineteen? Should we continue to support the same cause as we were supporting? Should we discover more? And this is where I invite everybody to get at least to know the mission and the ninety seven years history of the international social service. You can help us by providing your skills, your competence. We are always looking for talents, talents in communication, talent and fundraising, talent and marketing and branding and storytelling...

...and project management and so on and so forth, and we have volunteers and interns from the four corners of the world doing that. If you don't have time, but you still is all newly interested, becoming newly interested in the international social service. We invite you to contribute financially. A small contribution is a good contribution and no contribution is small enough for us or small for us. We welcome all contributions and we would like to invite you to do that. And the third one we would like you to do, if at all possible, is, once you get familiar with us, once you get engaged with us, again, international social service. Google it and you will find it. Please tell your friends, your family, the people you interact with about us. Wonderful John, if folks are hearing you, and again, if you're out there listening, the point of the organization is helping children.

So what could be better than helping children, children that have been separated from their parents, children that are in need, children that are in very difficult and urgent situations. So it's an incredible organization, John. If folks want to reach out to you, maybe they do want a volunteer, because we've got a lot of salespeople that could do some advocacy or some fundraising for you. We've got a lot of marketers that are listening that could help you with social media or demand generation or anything else. What's your email address against so people can email you? It is JOE JE and Dot. Are you a Yu? You re at I ISS SSI don't or full organization. Thank Jean Doube. At ISS. What it is? What is SS SSI DOT Org. That's how you get in touch with John. If you want to get in touch with me, you can very easily find me on Linkedin. Linkedincom forks lash the word in for last M F Jacobs. Once again, thanks to our sponsors outreach, tripling the productivity of sales teams and customer facing teams...

...everywhere, and pavilion unlocked your professional potential with the pavilion membership at join Pavilioncom Jean, thanks so much for being our guest on the show this week. Thank you very much, sound for having me. We're delighted and we hope that people reach out to you and folks, I'll talk to you next time.

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