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Friday Fundamentals 126: Joe Venuti


Friday Fundamentals 126: Joe Venuti

Everybody at Sam Jacob's, happy Friday,welcome to Friday fundamentals and the sales hacker podcast second show of theweek. This is the episode where we take five to ten minutes to bring youactionable insights from this week's guest to help make a difference in whatyou do today and, of course, back on the show. We've got Jo Anuti, as Imentioned on Tuesday Joe, is the VP of inside sales at candos, an incrediblesales. Later he's got fifteen years of sales and sales management experienceand has built out the Arizona Office and relate the national office. Nowthat we're all remote to over forty people in two years, Joe Welcome backto the show thanks, Yo yeah, we're excited to have you so the questionwe're going to ask you and we're going to hear from our sponsor first, butbefore we get there going to tease everybody with it with the question thequestions, what's the number one trick to hiring and Raita Ning great talent?Now before we get there, we want to think our sponsor Friday. Fundamentalsis brought you by outreach are reached triples a procacity of sales teams. Emempowers them to drive, predictable and measurable revenue growth by Prioritizing the right activities in scale and customer engagement withintelligent animation out, which makes customer facing teams more effectiveand improves his ability into what really drives results. Now, Joe thequestion we want to ask you because you've got some secret sauce. Here is:What's your number one strategy for hiring and retaining great sales talent,yeah, probably one of my favorite things to talk about it all stocks andends with the individual right hiring to the person and managing to theperson. So you know when we're talking about sales development, especially, Ithink that you see a lot of job postings out there, and people arelooking for five years experience looking for experience with this tooland that tool, and I think you got to kind of take a step back and realizethat a lot of people coming into the sales development organization lookingto be an stroamed are probably right out of college or maybe just one jobout of school. So if you're, looking for three years experience like threeyears ago, this person was probably a FRAT party. So I think, like temperingthe expectations of what the like...

...experience level is of these of thesecandidates is really crucial to being able to bring great talent into yourorganization. I have found myself over the years really just using the resumesthere's a box to check and just like a very high level of who isthis person when it comes to interviewing str. I am much moreinterested in the soft scales. There's three like big things that I'm lookingfor an SD to show me in an interview and it's grit and grip, because, ifyou're the best star of the world you're going to get told no seventypercent of the time, so you need to be able to power through that. You need tobe able to move on to the next one. You need to kind of roll with the punchesand understand you're in a role where there's not a lot of, but there's not alot of immediate gratification and the work you're doing today will pay offtomorrow. The second thing that I look for people to show me as coach ability,especially in the start up world- you have to be an agile things- are goingto change. New Tools are going to come in we're going to have we're going toask for different things. We're going to ask you to pivot how you are doingyour outreach and you've got to be able to take constructive criticism andconstructive feedback from your leadership team and actually be able toimplement that to continue to be successful and then last and probably,most importantly, intrinsic motivation. You have got to bring the motivation tome. I cannot care more about your success than you. There's a lot ofreally cool things that I can teach you. I could teach you how to open. I canteacher. Have the cold pallice teach you how to write sequences to teach youall of that. I cannot teach you to care, that's something that they have tobring. So if in str, coal really committed articulate those three thingsand display that they have a desire to move up in the organization, more oftenthan not, I'm willing to take a long had look at bringing that person and-and it's worked out really really well for me over the years one of my toppeople in my entire organization- She's, not a senior manager, she was a bartender and she was selling insurance...

...when she interviewed she was a referralfrom one of our account executives. She was in the second group that I everhired into sin. DOSO. Her name is Ryan English and she was one of the mostproductive outbids we ever had because she was smart. She took every piece ofcoaching that we gave her and she was very constructive. She would give usfeedback. She give us ideas should tell us what was what was it wasn't working?You know fast forward. You know a little over two years, she's now asummer manager. My organization running, you know a really, really criticalpiece of the business and excelling at it. So I genuinely believe that a lotof people might not have given her a second look just based on her resume,and it's probably one of the best hires I've ever made in my entire career, andI could tell you three or four other stories of people that are on the team,that you would look at their resume and be like. I don't know how this relatesto like to like SASS outbound prospecting. It doesn't, but you got toteach them like you got to think they have to learn somewhere. So you've gotto be willing to be that teaher and you've got to be willing to hire aleadership team. That's on board, with that. It's been just pivot, ble in my career, to beingable to hire great talent. As far as the retainment piece goes, I am a firmbeliever in managing to the human beings right like every every otherleader out there. My calendar is jammed every day, but you've got a fine timeto manage to the person. These are not walking quotas, they just like you,have a family. They have bills they're trying to build a career they're tryingto do the best that they can in this moment, and you have to recognize thatright, they're people in a doing the best that they possibly can so manage to the person the people havegot to become your first priority. Sometimes that means that I need topush some on by administrative stuff off to till the weekend or until youknow later on in the evening, but you've got to be available to the team.That's one of the things that I'm so focused on, especially in this rebotworld, is not just being yeah Joe's pbet. I hear from him like once everyquarter and that's only when something's broken like that'sabsolutely not the kind of department...

...they were trying to build and lead, andI think that that helps drive culture and keep people engaged. And, lastly,they need to be able to feel like they can move the needle both for theorganization and for themselves. Personally right, a lot of str arecoming in and this is their first step in sales. Theywant to become a manage and they want to become an account executive. Theywant to go to partnerships, they want to do something else, and not manypeople are saying I want to be an str for thirty five years and then retire,so you've got to build that progression for them. One of the things that I didis I built a com plan where we hire sts. They committed an str one to a hundredand twenty percent of quota three months rolling, it's an automaticpromotion to str to so the quota goes up a little bit, but they get a littlemore money same thing as Dr two to three once they get to three, that istheir ticket to interview for any Open Rolling Organization. So it's an upfront contract between me and them where they understand. He is what Ihave to do to be considered for a promotion, so they have a very clearpath. There's no surprises, there's no! It's just right there in black andwhite and for me, is the leader what it does. It really helps contentionbecause it protects me from the reft that comes in and hits quarter twomonths in a row and says: Well, I'm ready to be an account executive butthey're not because now they know they have all these steps. So it builds melike a definite eight month buffer with the best possible rap that I couldbring in that that's about how long it's going to take them to get thereand they know it coming in it's right there in black and white, and you knowI've been fortunate to have an amazing executive team, a leadership ham that Iwork with and they are committed to using the STR team as a feeder system,we've never hired an SMV account executive from anywhere, but the STRteam in Sendo so's existence. So I think all of those things together havereally been what is led to the successive building and then retainingcontinuing to grow and involve this team. Well, you just dropped atremendous amount of knowledge in just a few short minutes. So I think that'samazing and and if I'm trying to...

...summarize first when you're hiringthroughout the resume and focus on great coach ability and IntrinsicMotivation, I think that's so important, there's an old phrase you can't put inwith God left out and if, if they don't want to be great, then you can't makeit clear to them that they need to be great and then, when it comes tomanagement, make sure that you care about them as people and that you'reproviding a clear professional development pass. So they understandwhere they're going and how to get there that sound like a good. I did anokay summary Yeah yeah, absolutely en I think on the first piece. The big thingis: If they be, maybe they haven't used, you know a tool that pivotal pivotal inyour text at yet, but if they are driven and coachable and want tosucceed, they'll learn just provide the coaches. Amazing Joe Remind US if folkswant to get in touch with the best way. Lindon's, probably the best just Joe Aney feel free to send me a connection or set me an out. I am I'm prettyresponsive my emails JOAS and do so PA in the spirit of full disclosure. Youmight get lost in the shuffle, so link ten's, probably the best avitor. Thatmakes sense. If folks want to reach out to me they can linkin forge last theword in for its last name of Jacobs. You can also email me simmer ofelective com, thanks again to outrage, tripling the productivity of salesteams the world over Joe thanks so much for being our guest on the sales ackerpodcast this week, thanks so much so it was a lot of fun being here. It wasgreat having you and we'll talk to the rest of you next time. I.

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