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Friday Fundamentals 123: Lloyed Lobo


Friday Fundamentals 123: Lloyed Lobo

Everybody at Sam Jacobs Welcome back tothe salesacker PODCAST andto Friday fundamentals. You know Fridayfundamentals, the short five to ten minute format, where we bring youactuonable insihts, to help make a difference in what you do today. Thisweek, we've got back on the show, Lloyd, Lobo, the cofounder president of BostotAI, which is a really incol. A really cool company focused on helping othercompanies achieve the innovation that they need through accessing investmentand rnd, and other types of tax credits from governments all over the world. SoS O, really incredible. Company boots drop for most of their existence andthey rase some money and now they're scaling to great heights and we'regoing to ask Wad. What's the number one KITA success for early stage companiesnow before we get there, we want to think our sponsor Friday fudamentalshis brought you by outreach. I reach triples Ha proctivity of sales teams,emempowers them to drive, predictable and measurable revenent growth byprioritizing the right activities in scaling. Customer engagement withintelligent automation, outreach Mike Customer facing teams more effectivethand improves his ability into it...

...really drives results now. Lloyd.Welcome back to the show, thank you. We're excited to have you so here's ourquestion for you for Friday, fudamentals. What's your number onepiece of advice for early stage founders, to be successful, focus focusfocus, I think, focus is the most underrated thing out there and it'svery easy for entrepreneurs to chase all kinds of shiny objects. What endsup happening? is you see a competitor or somebody raise money, and you startgetting pulled in all kinds of directions, just focus and what thatmeans is to build a sizable company, at least to overet figures in revenuefocus on one kind of customer. Getting one kind of value through your productor service coming through one kind of channel focus, will add clerty yourmessaging it'll. ADD clarity to your channel, how you sell how you billrelationships and everything. If you try to do too many things, you're goingto fail right, it's better to be an inch wide, an a mile deep than a milewide and an inch deep. There's this...

...popular quote by Peter Thel, which says:If you nail one channel, you have a great business. If you try many and areabismal or like mediocre at all of them, your due and that that is the key thinglike identify who your ideal customer is: Where do they eat greed duringsleep? What books they read, what magazines they can don what blogs theyread, what tools ther by where they hang out who they follow like learnthat understand your customer, your ideal customer and fall in love withthe problem they're facing and then you'll figure out how to reach to them.But if you try like okay, you know what I want to. I want to sell to mepcls atASSASCE company Obut. I also want to chase after the seatrle at a CPGcompany, and then I want to go after this mom and pop here and then, Oh, youknow what there's these three other market segments. We should be tacklingthat's going to be the death of you as an early stage company. Your braincannot do a hundred things well at once.

Your brain probably can't even do likethree four things phenomenally well, but if you just focus on one thing anddo that a little better every day, you'll build a big business and speakEz was the perfect example right. I was running product and growth. There wesaid we're building an application for sales, people to help them close, moredeals faster, tipe to their calling infrastructure so calling up for salespeople and when we launched we had all kinds of people sign up for it like itwas like. I said: Bernie Sanders Election Group taxi people using it fordispatch who doesn't want a free calling up, and it was so hard to chaseafter all of them, because when you start bucketing people in yourdifferent profiles, everyone has different needs and requirements, andthat's going to be a massive distraction for you. When you're afounder, you can only drisk one or two things at a time. You can't go and tryto d risk everything else right. You can't go and try build. How do youprioritize features if you've got multiple ideal customer profiles? Youneed one profile as a founder you're...

...trying to dearest two things in thebeginning. Can I get customers and can I keep customers? If you try to do that,for multiple profiles and like kill your focus? You'll kill your business,such great advice, Lloyd. If folks are out there listening and they want toget in touch with you because they want to get more of the sage wisdom, maybethey want to become a customer of boast. What's the best way to reach you, Lloyd,Doull, O Y ed, at Bost, Bost Dai or look me up on Linton, Lloyd, Lobo oryou can google search or youtube search, traction Kofh? THAT'S OUR YOUTUBE!Channel and you'll see our past traction talk, so you can connect mewith me in many ways. Awesome folks, remember, focus, focuses the key focuson a channel focus on an ideal customer profile focus on the method with whichyou communicate with those people. The message that you're conveying that iswhat's going to help you grow in scale and Loy, deliver that elegantly andprecisely thanks again to outreach...

...outrich TRIPAS, the produtivity ofsales teams, empowering them to drive, predictable and measurable growth. Youcan go to outreach, Doio, forts, lash sales, hackertl learn more. If you wantto reach out to me, you can linkdincom Ford slash the word in Forg, slash Samof Jacobs. If you want to email me, you can sam at revenue, Collectivecom,otherwise talk to you next time.

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