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Friday Fundamentals 120: Paul Fifield


Friday Fundamentals 120: Paul Fifield

Everybody it's Sam Jacob's, welcome tothe sales hacker podcast. Welcome to Friday fundamentals. You know Fridayfundamentals is that short five to ten minute format. Will we bring youactionable insights to ELP, make a difference in what you do today? Nowe've got this week's guest back on the show Palfifield. He is the founder inco, CEO of an amazing company called Sales Impact Academy which providessales and marketing education and training as a service to companies thatwant to invest in the development of their teams and we're going to talk toPaul about the number one way to drive better sales effectiveness in yourorganization. Now before we do that, we want to thank our sponsor. Fridafundamentals is brought to by outreach outwhich triples the productivity ofsales teams, an empowers them to drive, predictable and measurable revenuntgrowth by prioritizing the right activities and scale, and customerengagement with intelligent automation. Outwhich makes customer facing teamsmore effective and impruseis ability into Wat really drives results. NowPaul Welcome back to the show Hi Sam, How r you doing I'm doing well. How areyou doing? Yes, I'm very good thanks. Fixit to be back well, it's been a longtime since is coken to you, and I appreciate your return. Our question for you in Friday,fundamentals is what is in your opinion. Of course, what is the number one wayto drive sales effectiveness in your organization? Now I would say this: Wouldn't I buteducating your teams to be highly effective at the jobs, but I just wantto just carvy out that with you look, we spend a huge amount of time andenergy and building the most epic text tack. We Pos becan with buying allsorts of fantastic tools to improve you, efficiency and that's fantastic, but Ithink what is what is often kind of missed? Is it actually, you need peopleto be able to kind of execute really well in their court jobs right, justcore skills, competence, core sales confedence, whether that's in a contextof Customr success, wheras in the...

...context of being in a str, ands, gon,contects of being in leadership or an AE. So I do fundamentally believe thatthe greatest leaver for improvement is actually education as learning learningand development, and it's kind of not a surprise, because all of us in the saleprofession have had an absolute complete another lack of educationright. All of us have had to make it ups as we go along. There's no formaleducation in school, no formal education in really in the workplace,unlike most professions in the world. So when you add literally when you addstructured, high quality learning experiences into your teams, who've hadnothing ever before the results that Wir sing are pretty. You knowextraordinary and fundamentall you gotto, you got to ask yourself right,douse education work, do you believe in education and if you don't believe ineducation, then don't do this, but I think Fundamentaly, if you do believein education and I'm pretty sure that most of us do and governments acrossthe world invest trillions in education. It is important- and in fact thiswonderful phrase from one of the early BCS and bested intesells in BackAcademy Tbut. The roots solution to all problems in the world is education, andI absolutely love that concept I did think about it for a while, like wow,that's pretty big. Is that really real? Like this? Some Google searching and Ias kind of thought about it? I was like. Actually it l really is, but you 're tothink about the Ha that the actual kind of learning design as well, becauseyeah, okay, Soifif, you bind the concept that yes, education is reallyimportant and yes, education works. You then have to deliver it in a mannerthat is incredibly effective and I think that's where so many people gowrong. I then one of the also the broader challenges that we have inbsbcels marken, something Wi'tve all experiences that the the ways that youwere acquire knowledge without it being...

...delivered in a structured way, is sosuboptible books and blugs and events, and all of that and none of it's kindof structured. So that's my that's my belief. A thensomesmee, very quick tips on how you make highly effective remote education,because that's what we do. It's all kind of remote remote classes. We neverteach more than two hours a week a week by the way, not a day, not not asession a week, half day sessions, fol day sessions on zoom or even in person.Forget it that's just not how human beings learned, we think very carefullyabout the learning design we'e going no more than ten minutes without some kindof interactive break some kind of pole quiz, multiple choice, question we havebackup materials, but the key one of the key, effective ways of learning andit's called experiential learning- is that you can learn and then immediatelyapply what you learn, because we only have two discree hours in the week. Youcould literally join a class, perhaps in the SDR track at two o'clock and bythred thirty you're running about a prospecting, email, you're, doing abetter cold, cool or or whatever it might be, and that is the most powerfulway of learning the learning designin class is very strong and then youimmediately apply what you've learned and that that is a that look said,there's a very, very powerful. In fact, the most powerful way of betting inknowledge today ago, that's my that's my strong belief that actually that'sgoing to have the greatest impact on the effectiveness of your teams and,like I say it's bearing out in some of the stats that we're seeing one of ourcustomers brambassador thirty, six percent increase in endemos bookedacross tennsdrs cognism, put all the as through a flag chave course and therclose rate wer from Twentyo. Thirty percent so were literally seeing thesestats the impact of this education playing out. But it's a wonderful,beautiful thing, fantastic, so remember, folks, you getto invest in learning, but if you're...

...going to do it make it time bound nottoo long interactive so that you don't go more than ten or twenty fifteenminutes without some kind of interactivity. Think about the qualityof the Speaker Paul mentioned earlier this week. They always do it in in twogroups of two so that people are kind of interacting with each other meaningthe instructors and make it so that you can dirrectly apply it right after thecourse hm Andon son Fin and I get make it fin, make it entertainment, yeah,that's really important. Haaa Fun, FOM FAM, indeed fall if folks want to get in touch withyou remind us of your email address, pul at sales impact, dot, bio or youcan pay me on slack if you're in the redne collected. Wonderful folks, ifyou want to reach out to me, you can Linkedoncom Forh last the word in fortslast AMF Jacobs, revenue, collective members by the way, get access to allsales impact academy courses as part of their membership, so consider joiningur C or signing up our cells impact acatim. If you want Paul thanks so muchfor being on the show ill talk to you next time, thanks IM, Mie Byebye.

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