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Friday Fundamentals 143: Paula Shannon


Friday Fundamentals 143: Paula Shannon

Everybody, its Sam Jacobs, happy Friday,welcome to Friday fundamentals. You know Friday fundamentals, it's thatshort five to ten minute format, where we bring you actionable insights tohelp make a difference in what you do today. We've got this week's guest backon the show Paula, Shannon she's, the chief of Angelis at wilt. She has yearsof experience at the Public Company level at the private company level,through private equity transactions and she's here, to tell us her number onepiece of advice for people as they think about managing and navigatingtheir career. Now before we get there, we want to think our sponsors we've gotto Friday fundamentals. His brought you by outreach at which triples theproductivity of sales teams en empowers them to drive, predictable andmeasurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities inscaling. CUSTER engagement with intelligent automation, out reach,makes a customer facing teams more effective and improves his ability intoit really drives. Results were also sponsored by pavilion. Pavilion is thekey to getting more out of your career. Our private membership connects youwith a network of thousands of life. Mind appears and resources were you cantap into leadership opportunities,...

...professional development mentorship andeven take classes like cro school, where you learn some of the key lessonsto being a commercial executive unlock your professional potential with apavilion membership to day at Joint Pavilion Com. Now, Paula welcome backto the show thanks Sam, it's great to be back. We're excited to have you sohere's the here's, the one question we put you for Fido fundamentals: What'sthe number one piece of advice you have for somebody entering the work forcewith their eyes on the sea suit over the period of time that their careerexists, yeah and it'd be so fun to be back at that moment you know lookingout, so I think that you know, since I bring a sales lens to the questionhaving to say that the most important thing I would recommend is that youunderstand exactly how your company makes money. What is the value thatyour company is going to create for customers for investors, for if publicshareholders- and this is crucial...

...because, let's assume you've come upeither because you had tremendous product knowledge or you had salessuccess and you're? Now, at a cross point in your career, you have to getthat financial expertise. You really need that acumen. If you're going todevelop, I'm a huge believer in non linear choices in your career likedetours. So if there's a chance to step sideways and ask you now to run a pianoto run a product to read a group for your measure in a very different wayfrom sales, take it mentorship with your CFO crucial, if not ask for andreceive training like finance for non financial managers. If you can't swim afinancial MBA, there are loads of certificate and program courses thatwill give you what you need. So you have to go beyond just pl or internalkind of operational finance and really understand what your company is doingand then, as you rise up embrace that...

...because you then become the voice inthe border room or the voice and the executive suite that is talking aboutleading and lagging indicators in a trustworthy way. So you start to kindof leave that maybe sales persona, cheerleading person at the door and youbecome a more pretatico member of the executive team and so Sam. That'sreally the best advice that I can give. I love it Paula if, if folks are outthere and they want to pick your brain a little bit more or maybe seek you outas a mentor or learn more about your background. You mentioned that you'reopen to to people reaching out remind us what's the best way to get in cut intouch with you. Yes, an thanks. It's easy email is still best for me andit's an easy email address its Paula at Lilton L. I L T com, wonderful folks.If you want to reach out to me, you can email me salmon, joined pavilion com,Paul thanks, so much for being our guest on the show. This week was greathaving you think it was a pleasure Sam...

...and thanks again to our sponsors outreaching pavilion. Everybody else will talk to you next time. I.

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