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Friday Fundamentals 121: Pouyan Salehi


Friday Fundamentals 121: Pouyan Salehi

EEVERYBODY, it's Sam Jacobs and beforejumping in to what you're about to listen to I'd, be remissed not to tellyou about unly, two thousand and twenty one on May. Eleven through thirteenthwere focusing on how to win all together in the new sales era. You'lllearn new go to market strategies, get deeper, funnel insights and action willtakeaways for your entire organization from revenue, leaders at high growstartups and fortune. Five hundred companies and Oure very special guestsare none other than Guy Ras podcaster and author of how I built this andcarry laurence. The first female fiher pilot in the US Navy come save yourseat for this high energy online event at Unlis, dot out reach, Datao everybody at Sam Jacobs, welcome backto the sales hacker podcast and Halfen Friday, ouknow Friday fundamentals. Youknow Friday fundamentals, it's that short five to ten minute format. Wherl,we bring you actionale insights to help make a difference in what you do today.Now we've got this week's guest back on the show. PUYANSA, hey he's the CEO andcofounder of this really cool new company called SCRATCHPAD and we'regoing to be talking about what to look for. What do you need to what advicedoes putyon have for someone thinking about starting a company, and how doyou separate signal from noise when you're looking for great ideas roundinovation? So it's a really interesting topic now before we get there, we wantto think our sponsor Friday. Fundamentals is brought o you byoutreach outreach triples the prodctivity of sales teams andemprowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenuet growth byprioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement withintelligent automation, outreach makes customer facing teams more effectiveand improves his ability into hit really drives results. Hel Put Yoonwelcome back to the show, thanks for having me we're excited to ovut. So ourquestion wore you for Friday fom. My Mals is what advice would you have forsomeone thinking about starting a company in terms of how to discover theright idea? Yeah, I've got some experience with this, because I'vebuilt a lot of stuff that wasn't that I gi o the right idea, O didn't gettraction, and I think we touched on Tus...

...on our podcast earlier when you broughtthe point up: Samon Pot, a market and how important that is and early on soit comes from I'll just say for anyone, that's listening this comtan. This iscoming from a place of experience and having built stuff that didn't gettraction and we did a lot of retrospectives and understanding. Whydid we decide to build that thing in the first place and why didn't itgettraction and what Mihe he take away ind having some unfortunate experiencein that is knowing what signal you're looking for is one of the mostimportant things, because that will then help you determine. Do you doubledown? You go to see the next card you keep investing in this because rarelyis, is a black and white and just to shurean example, it wasn't even scratchpad. It was asreally really simple task manager for sales idea. That kind of put us on thistrijectory to get to sprach bad our iditial goal, as can we just get tenusers to love it? That was it just ten and we said we'llgive ourselves one quarter, so we don't spend too much time building somethingthat we don't know the people whil take and what happened is we got to the endof the farter and we Hav One? So what do you do and the one person absolutelyloved it said this was a complete game, changer for them in sales. It actuallyhelped them achieve more more sales, better quota Tayment, the other ninewere like man, it's okay, so I think that's where I think most folks end upis in this messy middle. But what we knew is the signal that we were reallywooking, for there is. Are we building something that will naturally getadoption, that people would dopt and not just people like sales people whotypically don't want to just go out and try new tools? Listen, I've got aquarter ahead. There's all all these tools out therge already, but the waywe got to that signal was just working back for some the goal, so I'd say if you're starting out to the to thebest ability that you can know specifically what signal you're lookingfor, so that helps you have clarity on...

...what you need to do next. Do you doubledown or do you move on and your point is too many companies build somethingwithout having defined? What is the signal that they are looking for toconfirm, go forward or stop exactly, and so, when you get to that point, andyou see some data, then you justify moving forward based on data. That'snot actually meaningful right. It could be ah well. Look like. We got a lot ofvisits to the Webse to the landing page on this thing, so Tsoyo yeah with thisexample, your goal was ten people to Adon. We got one, so you stopped. Thatwas it no. We kept going so that's where we said yeah, but, but I think in that, but that'sbut saying like where, where we had the conviction to be able to keep going waswe knew the signal that we were looking for? Was We fit into the pattern? The behaviorof reps today that this is something that somebody will adopt and they'lljust have this emotional reaction to where to say thiswas truly meaningful to how I worked because the other nine thet we wentback, and we said you know what we weren't on point like. We didn't wellqualify those users because it wasn't solving the right problem. Ah, theyjust weren't taskusers in the first place, there weren't something else,and so that's what gave us the conviction unlessit. Even then itwasn't clear that this would work out, but I gave us the conviction to say:Okay for this one, we had sufficient confidence o safe it achieve thatresult to let's go for the next quorter and see. Can we get more users right?We go there, but you know if we didn't know that we probably would have passedon it. For maybe we would have justified that hey guess what we gotten people to adopt it or try it even, but I he didn't get the adoptont n line,so yeah makes sense and the next quarter after that was better. I hope yes yeah. It was better, but butbutwelearned more right and then we we set a goal. Wes Can we get? Can we get intoill organization? And we got the meeting. We Got Anto an organizationand they just didn't believe in it right, like one person did and not therest, but what we just kept getting...

...incrementally better and better andbetter. But again, what came back to us was who kept getting few more folksthat this just became part of their diewing Hait. This naturally fit intohow they worked and we knew from studying all you know the graveyard ofsales tools that exists out there, an I'm sure you know you know haw well,also an even ones that have just kind of stalled out. The biggest problem hasalways just been adoption. Yeah well one day when, when SCRATCHPAD IPOSyou'll be able to talk about perseverance, because it's that thatalone is impressive. Just your dogged determination, perhaps informed by thefact that you like me, are unemployable by big COMPANIS. So maybe you do anyother choice but ai yeah. I think that's it. It's still.It's still incredibly impressive, pullion ill remind us if folks want toget in touch with you. What's the best way to reach you sure, so, I'm ontwitter, at at P, Salihe on Linkedin or just semi, anemail, first name dot,last name at scratch. PADOKHOM sounds good and if folks want to reach Hout tome, you can linkedoncom Ford Lash. The word in for Lash Am F Jacobs. Thanksagain to outreach our sponsor tripling the productivity of sales teamseverywhere, pueon thanks so much for being on the sales hacker podcast thisweek. THANKS FOR HAVING ME SOM.

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