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Episode 177 · 5 months ago

Friday Fundamentals: Shaan Hathiramani



One, two, one. Hey, everybody, it's Sam Jacobs. Happy Friday, welcome to Friday fundamentals. You know Friday fundamentals, that short five to ten minute format where we bring you actual insights to help make a difference in what you do. Today we've got this week's guest back on the show, Sean Hafy Romani, and he is the CEO and founder of flock j and he's going to be talking to us about the one thing that sales leaders are missing in times like these. If you're a sales leader, you're gonna want to hear what he has to say. Now, before we get there, we've got two sponsors for Friday fundamentals. The first is pavilion. You probably know that I run that company. We are also sponsors of the sales hacker podcast. Our private membership connects you with a network of thousands of like minded peers and resources where you can tap into leadership opportunities, professional development, mentorship and other services made for high growth leaders like you're. Like you, make sure you take advantage of the pavilion for teams corporate membership and enroll your entire go to market team in one of our industry leading schools and courses, including marketing school, sales goal, sales development school and Revenue Operations School.

Unlock your professional potential and your team's potential with a pavilion membership. GETS STARTED TODAY AT JOINT PAVILION DOT Com. We're also brought to you by outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and approves visibility into it really drives results. Sean, welcome back to the show. Thank you. Thanks for bearing with us while I read all of that. Now here's the question for you. What is the one thing that sales leaders are missing in times like these, in times like these, when we're all forced to do more with less, and this, you know, drives me crazy. The one thing that I think all of us are missing is training our Reps. I think our instinct and our muscle is more activity, more phone calls, more emails, try to sort of like mind the oil fields faster than we ever have for...

...because we're understaffed and we've got to make things work. And I think the things that folks miss is that when that oil field starts to dry up a bit, you can't just keep adding more rigs or making more calls or sending more emails. You've got to go deeper. Literally, you've got to go deeper and more strategically think about how and why you win and try to build those blueprints for success, because now it's a matter of efficiency, it's a matter of improving productivity conversion rates and not losing winnable deals. And all that comes back to building a system for training your reps. and too often I see really, really respected sales leaders say, yeah, we're just gonna, you know, make more calls or sort of like, you know, a sharper pencil to our activity Um. But really it's taking a step back and slowing down to speed up, and now is precisely the time to ensure that you've got the folks in the boat you want on the boat and that they're all rowing in the same direction. That makes a lot of sense, and... it seems to me that the ideal solution is probably leveraging the new flock j platform to capture the winning practices of your best teammates, while also enrolling your entire team and pavilion so that they can get the training they need through industry leading UH instructors and experts. Would you agree with that statement, Sam? I think that's why they pay big buck. Uh. Well, I I think it makes a lot of sense. We need to do more with less, and if we do that, we need to train our teams and we need to mirror their best behavior. So I'm super excited about this, the new platform that you're building and uh, and congratulations on it. Uh. If folks want to learn more, remind us. You told us on Tuesday, but remind us. What's the best way to get in touch? Really easy. Email me personally, Sean S H A a N at flock Ja dot com, or just go to our website, flock j dot com, and send us a note. Awesome. If folks want to reach out to me Ken, you can email me Sam at joined Pavilion Dot Com. Put Sales Hacker podcast in the subject line. Thanks again to our sponsors,...

...pavilion. Uh. Make sure you take advantage of the pavilion for teams corporate membership, which I just mentioned, and also outrage tripling the productivity of sales teams everywhere. Make sure you also give us five stars on anywhere that you rate your podcast. We love your positive reviews. Sean, thanks so much for being our guest on this show this week. We loved having you. Thanks. Sam, really enjoyed it great and for everybody else, we'll talk to you next time. Stay safe out there.

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