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Friday Fundamentals 138: Tom Stern


Friday Fundamentals 138: Tom Stern

Everybody happy Friday, it's Sam Jacobs,welcome to the sale, socker podcast and to Friday fundamentals. You know Fridayfundamentals is that short five to ten minute format, where we bring youactionable insights to help make a difference in what you do today. Today,we've got back on the show. This week's guest Tom Turn you, okay, Tom Totally.That was my tip by the way. Seeds. God bless you sorry. I should have saidthat anyway. So here's the point, everybody we've got this week's guestback on the show Tom Stern Tom runs stern, executive search, he's also anaward winning author. I think he's won an Oscar as well he's done. A lot ofamazing things. Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno are both on his website and that'sTom Stern Central Com. The book is called Fearless Sell More and we've gothim back on the show to ask the question: What's one thing you can doto improve your life today, so this is a. This is a far reaching question andI'm sure we'll be insightful and wise as as was our episode earlier this week.Now, before we get there, we want to think our sponsors. We have twosponsors for Friday fundamentals. The first is out reach out rich triples.The productivity of sales teams en empowers them to drive, predictable andmeasurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities inscale and customer engagement with intelligent automation out, which makescustomer facing teams more effective and improves his ability to it reallydrives. Results were also sponsored by pavilion. The VILLIAN is the key togetting more out of your career. Our private membership connects you with anetwork of thousands of like minded peers and resources where you can tapinto leadership opportunities, professional development, mentorshipand other services made for high growth leaders, like you and the team that youare a part of unlock your professional potential with a pavilion membership,get started to day at join Pavilion M now Tom. Welcome back to the show.Thank you Sam, it's great to be here and where there's the sneezing episode is over.was that a allergies any anything we need to be concerned about I'm allergicto introductions?...

Well, I apologized, then, because thatwas a long winded one. Our question for you today is this: What is your toprecommendation to help our listeners improve their lives? My top recommendation- and it hasparadoxical elements- is to dream big when I was a really troubled youthconsumed by anxiety. I believe I have a PhD in fear Phobia being the key and itstarted when I was very young and I used to rock on my bed every night toself soothe myself, because I had so much anxiety. I had ADHD. I couldn'tfocus on my homework. I had to select you. It was hard for me to read. I wasin a home environment that had its deficiencies and troubles, and Iescaped into my imagination- and I dreamed like Walter Middy, which is anold reference, but a great movie of all the incredible things that I could do.I was the hero in every one of these stories: a Great Baseball Player, asenator, a president. Whatever it was, I discovered a cure for a disease, andI would rock myself into a state of calmness. Now I don't recommend rockingand I don't recommend all of the anxiety. In fact, my book and myphilosophy is about reducing fear and fearing less, but even in my mosttroubled state that the most challenging part of my life, I use myimagination to dream big and give yourself the permission to imagine whatis your greatest self. However, it manifests itself whether it's doingextraordinary things in the Peace Corps being a volunteer running a corporationbeing famous being wealthy, but hopefully with the best of intentions.Whatever your goal is, allow yourself to imagine it enjoy it create storiesaround it, but concomitant to that,... has to all want not only dream bigbut allow yourself to work very small or incrementally towards those goals,and they don't even have to be goals, dreams, and I call it building an empire ofcrumbs, tiny little morsels. That re confirmfor yourself your value, your hopes and allow you to sustain, especially duringdifficult times as you grow and believe and come to believe, not just inyourself, but your value to others. If the dream doesn't include other people,if it's only about you being validated, it's probably not going to fulfill youin every sense of the word and to me, success is about balance selffulfilment as well as achievement, and it's about compassion and connection sodream big dream, the greatest possibilities that could happen to you.You can write them out. You can lie in your bed and imaginate. Imagine themyou can meditate and create images that invigorate that part of your brain thatproduces the hormones that sustain the energy and in live in the hip. A campuswhere imagination happens, imagination Albert Einstein said was the singlemost important human capability and he was a smart guy, not for a good airconditioner by the way she in the photograph. That was his look. That wasthis thing yeah, but the split ends, but he could split the atom, but youknow with the hair he kept going so or a whole other conversation, but hebelieved it. I believe it- and I you know, take lessons from the grates. Sohow do we have those little victories?...

Well, we have to kind of define themfor ourselves, sometimes we'll miss them. Is it somebody being touched byyou and you speaking to them in a way that you can see you've helped them? Afriend of mine just lost his son, a terrible tragedy, and I left him hervoice mail, and I said you don't even have to call back, but he did- and hesaid Tom that really touched me. Well, that's a giant victory for me in one ofmy dreams to day, which is to become a better teacher to be someone thatpeople are drawn to for help and to spread a lot of kindness andencouragement as well as information. So in my latest dream, that was a crumb but a crumb infused with gold andthat's how you get an empire and a positive empire not like the RomanEmpire, an empire of good. So we have to be commandered by imagination bypositive thoughts and intentions, and we have to get their incrementally withthese tiny, tiny victories and they're going to be really tough days whereit's going to be dark and you have to have little catch phrases that you sayto yourself to keep you going in my case, I was so embattled as a youththat my phrases where nobody's going to stop you, which is very defensive, butthat was the best I could come up with, because I felt the world was against me.You know you're going to be great some day, a little self centred a little egodriven, but that was the best I could do. And now my dreams are moreexpensive and inclusive. and to me that's the greatest treat is to be partof a collective to create the connection to be part of the flow oflife, to reciprocate to engender growth in others than through that one growsyourself. So I'm having a lot of fun, I'm still dreaming big and even as mybody gets smaller...

...and age shrinks me an entropy envelopsme and my sells begin to die an incredibly rapid race. I don't know ifI can get through the end of this question so anyway, that's what I haveto share Sam and I hope in some regard it's help. It was very helpful dreambig, but focus on small victories on your journey and never give up. HopeTom I'll remind us if folks want to reach out to you what's the best way:Email Tom at Stern Zacca S, T E R, N ex ECCO go to my website. Tom StearnsCentral, tell you everything you need to know and there's a way to contact methere. I coach I'll respond as rapidly as I can. I love outreach and please,if you're interested by my book, fear less sell more distributed by Simon andSchuster and incredible company and Post Hill press who's been a greatpartner and it's a story of someone who hires a sales individual and gives themlessons to liberate them and their talent. I love it. Thank you for beingour guest on the show this week, thanks again to our sponsors, outreachtripling the productivity of sales teams everywhere and pavilion unlockyour professional potential and your team's professional potential with thebazil membership get started today join Pizin Com. If you want to reach out tome, you can link on Com for lash the word to enforce last Sam f Jacobs, oryou can email me Salmon Joint Pavilion Tom Thanks. So much for being ourguests this week, Sam thanks, so much for the opportunity. You've got anincredible show. Thank you. We'll talk to everybody next time I see next weekfolks t.

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