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Friday Fundamentals 133: George Donovan


Friday Fundamentals: George Donovan

Everybody it's sam jacobs, welcome backto the sales hacker podcast. Today, we've got back on the show. This week'sguest- it's george donovan, the chief revenue officer to lego and george- hasbeen doing sales for a long time and he's going to talk about career passingthe question we're going to ask george is really about how do you attract andbuild a career path for young sales professional? So it's a reallyimportant question and i'm sure, if you're out there listening wonderinghow you're going to map out your career, it's going to be relevant to you nowbefore we get there. We want to thank our sponsors. We've got two sponsorsfor friday fundamentals. The first is out reach outreached triples. Theproductivity of sales teams empowers them to drive, predictable andmeasurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities inscaling. Customer engagement with intelligent automation, outrace makescustomer facing teams more effective and improve visibility into it reallydrives results. Podcast is also sponsored by pavilion, formerly knownas revenue. Collective pavilion is the...

...key to getting more out of your career.Our private membership connects you with the network of thousands of likeminded peers across any function, including sales marketing and customersuccess, providing resources where you can tap into leadership opportunities,professional development, mentorship, coaching and other services made forhigh growth leaders, like you, unlock your professional potential, with thepavilion membership get started to day at joined pavilion com. Now, georgewelcome back to the show thanks sam good to be back. We're excited to haveyou so our question that we're going to post to you is this: what's the bestway to attract and build a career path for young sales professionals, surenumber one most, young sales professionals are so interested inlearning different from when i was a young sales, people learning was anevent today, it's a daily occurrence, so number one. We have a platform. Alego is a platform for sales people as the sales, an element learning platformso right there i feel, like we have an advantage attracting sales, young salespeople because they get what we sell.

They value what we sell and they canbelieve in what we sell. So we do hire some veterans right. We have anenterprise sales team and we hire that some of the ten twenty twenty five yearveterans in sales and software sales. But the great majority of our hires areyoung sales people and i'm talking mostly in their is maybe s they eitherright out of university or they've had some other career and they're venturinginto sales for the first time, and what we like about that is that they are ablank slate relative to sales and we can build them up the way we want tobuild them and train them. The way we want to train them. So when we'reinterviewing or even when we're advertising the job, we try to reallymagnify the message that if you come here, you are going to be challenged,but if you can make it through the gunless you're going to come out of itwith an mba and sales, and we make it almost like the navy seals right, we'regoing to get you in here we're going to...

...strip you down. If you have any badhabits, we're going to strip you down to your bear bones and we're going torebuild you from scratch, so right away we're calling out some people who maybedon't have the intestinal fortitude to go through something like that and thenthe ones that do those are the ones that want the ones who are willing tobe open and to expose themselves and really learn and embrace new things andmake mistakes and drive for change. And we put a ton of time money, energy intodeveloping young people and we show them a career path sound. So we map outa four year journey for people in their first. You know when they first join oreven during the interview process, will show them this career path and they buyinto it and they can't wait. You know one year and i could be able to do thistwo years and four years in and and they get excited about it and it givesthem goals, be four year goal, but then also these micro goals within that fouryear period to develop not only their...

...skills but increase theirresponsibilities and increase increase their income. Amazing. Socorrect me if i'm wrong, but just trying to sort of you know play it backfor you. First focus on learning and making sure that whatever theopportunities are that you're, offering people that there's an opportunity tolearn and develop. Second, maybe create some kind of curriculum or some kind ofjourney that challenges people so that you can suss out the people that havethe right level of fortitude to make it through to run the gauntlet so to speakand emerge on the other side as a champion. And then third, you know makesure that you're providing context and direction so that you can map out ajourney. They understand where they're going. They have a goal in mind. Ithappens over four years. Hopefully, improving retention and and just givesthem a sense of fulfilment and progress as they work their way through yourorganization. Does that sound about right? Your gifted listener, sam? Yougot it. You know that that's exactly right and and it's a g, a lot oforganizations who hire young sales,...

...people say yeah. Well, of course, we'regoing to want to promote you within a given amount of time, but they can'tshow them a plan right. So we really try to show these people what they'regoing to get what the gates are, that they have to go through and make surethat they're ready for that challenge, and he again the ones who sign up.That's a good sign right from the beginning, because it tells me thatthey're willing to push themselves and come out of their comfort cells makes alot of sense. George, it's been great, having you as a guest on the sale,socker podcast this week. I folks want to reach out to you remind us: what'sthe best way to get in touch with you sure linkedin is great or g donovan ata lego, fantastic and, if folks want to reach out to me, you can it's linkedinfor slash the word in for last, an f jacobs, or you can email me sam, atjoin pavilion thanks again to our sponsors, outreach, tripling theproductivity of sales teams everywhere and pavilion. The key to getting moreout of your career unlock your professional potential with a pavilionmembership, get started today at joint...

...pavilion, george thanks again for beingour guest on the show this week by pleasure, saying thank you so much. I.

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