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Friday Fundamental_173_Selling in the Hospitality Industry_Part 2


Friday Fundamental_173_Selling in the Hospitality Industry_Part 2

Hey everybody, it's Sam Jacobs. Happy Friday. Welcome to Friday fundamentals. It's the sales hacker podcasts, short five to ten in a format where we bring you actionable insights to help make a difference in what you do. Today we are have our guests are week. This week's guest back in the show Mary Claire Sweeney. She is the director of sales for seven rooms and she's going to be talking to us about the the top pieces of advice that you should embrace if you're selling into small and medium sized businesses with an emphasis on hospitality. Now, before we get there, we want to thank our sponsors for Friday fundamentals. We've got two sponsors. The first is pavilion. Pavilion is the key to getting more out of your career. Make sure you take advantage of the pavilion for teams corporate membership and enroll your entire go to market team in one of our industry to leading schools and courses, including marketing school, Sales School, Sales Development School and Revenue Operations School. Pavilion for teams customers report a twenty two percent increase in closed rate once they are kin.

Executives take our sales school. We're also brought you buy outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities and scaling customer engagement with intelligent automation. Outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves visibility into what really drives results. Now Very Claire, welcome back to the show. Thanks for having me. We've got a question for you for Friday. Fundamentals are question to use. What are your top pieces of advice when you're selling into S and B particularly when you're selling into restaurants and hospitality? Sure, so, selling into hospitality is definitely unique. I would say they are running a hundred miles an hour a hundred percent of the time. They do not have time to hear a really long winded pitch of yours. So when you are selling into them, you need to make sure that you are delivering really key value and you're making it interesting and you're capturing their attention right away and that you're following up with them...

...consistently, because restaurant operators twenty four hours in a restaurant operators, life is like two weeks for anyone else. There's just a million things that happen and you will very quickly fall off the radar. I would say that it's really important to do your research. These operators pour their heart and soul into their concept. There's a lot that goes into it, everything from the decor to the cuisine, the way that they do their menu, they're seating. You want to research and study and eater articles or write ups that have happened about them so you can understand and come in with a certain level of knowledge when you're speaking to them, so that they know that you're genuinely interested and curious about their concept. And then another piece of advice would be don't always go right to the top. I think in sales it's it's always tempting. We're traditionally taught to go right for the ownership, right for the corporate piece, but with restaurant operators you really do need to build the support from those that will be directly impacted by the tech that you're implementing. So having your front...

...of house managers, your GM's rally behind you to get you to ownership. So more of like a bottom's up approach to sales in hospitality is something that I'm seeing as much more effective than just going right to ownership razing and what's are. Do you have any strategies for getting the hearts and minds of the Front of House people? Well, now that Covid is past, I would recommend going into the restaurant actually, you know it's getting there, having a drink at the bar, dining there so that you can see exactly what's going on, having conversations. Know they're in hospitality. The good news is they're supposed to be talking to you because you're a guest. They're supposed to make you feel at home at their restaurant and then you're going to be there actually as a diner. So I would suggest going there in person if and when you can. Otherwise, you know, calling, calling the front of the House, speaking with the hostess. That's totally fine too. Do you worry about, you know, the unit economics of like? I guess some people would say there's no way I can build a sales team selling to S and...

B that goes in and sits at the bar and has a drink and takes that amount of time, because they're just not paying US enough. What's your perspective on that? Sure? So I would say, and I probably should have prefaced this with save those moments for when you're looking at like a group of restaurants. So maybe for the time that you decide to dine or go in and have a drink. You're looking at not just this location, but they've got twelve other sister properties that you're looking to secure. So this but you have a conversation, but the value of the actual deal size is there and would justify you being able to do that. Awesome, Mary Claire. Remind us. If folks want to get in touch with you, what's your preferred mechanism for outreach? Linkedin? You can message me on Linkedin and my information is also available on our company website. That both of those are totally fine, fantastic. I folks on each out to me. You can. You can reach me at Linkedincom. Forward. Slash the word in. Forward, Slash Sam F Jacobs. Make sure that you check out the sales hacker community at sales hackercom. Over thirtyzero different people answering and asking questions. Of...

...course, we want to thank our sponsors. The first one is a pavilion as I mentioned, unlock your professional potential with a pavilion membership. Gets started today joint PAVILIONCOM and also outreach. Outreach, tripling the PRODUCTIVIA sales teams all over the world, empowering that's drive predictable and measurable Revenue Growth. Very Claire, thanks so much for being our guest on the show this week. It was fantastic. Thank you so much for having me. Was Great.

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