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Friday Fundamentals 129: Neal Patel


Friday Fundamentals 129: Neal Patel

Hey everybody, happy Friday. You're listening to the SALESACER PODCAST and Friday fundamentals on your host, Sam Jacobs, and we've got this week's guest, Neil Patel, back on the show. He's the chief even officer a crunch base and we're going to talk to him about the number one key to making your sales team successful, and it's a really interesting answer. Now, before we get there, of course, we always want to thank our sponsor. Friday fundamentals is brought to you by outreach. Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams and empowers them to drive predictable and measurable revenue growth by prioritizing the right activities in scale and customer engagement. With intelligent automation, outreach makes customer facing teams more effective and improves visibility into what really drives results. Now, Neil, welcome back to the show. Thanks. Sound great to be that. We're excited to have you. So our question to you today is, in your opinion, what's the number one skill to impart to your sales team in order to facilitate and enable their success? Good question. I think the number one...

...skill for us at crunch base has been A and we'll continue to be to teach them to think like business people, and what that means is something to think a little bit more broadly than selling and sales process and getting in the weeds on some of those things. Those things are they're necessary and we do those things, but we also want to teach people to develop the ability to like, to continually pick your head up out of that and understand the business context of what is happening right now. Then it means like something as simple as like, do you really know what your prospects business is like? What do they do and why does that matter right what are their products and who uses their products and why? What is currently happening in the market to that company? You know, it could be anything from like external things like news, to but other things internally, like hey, have they gotten funding or have they not done funding in a while? Do Look at things like how that company is performing? Are there like are they hiring? What roles are...

...they hiring for? Are They not hiring? Because if you view your interactions with with prospects that way, you'll be able to appreciate a lot more of their perspective on the kind of the sales process you're trying to bring them into, you will choose better prospects for yourself, you will engage with them more intelligently and you'll be able to handle any situation that you find yourself then with that aspect or others down the road, and also just internally, like within with being someone who runs organization. It will also help you internally to understand, you know, the different functions that you're working with the company and how they go about their businesses and that the constraints and and advantages that each of those are our organizations have. I love it. It's fantastic and not enough people, not enough people are focused on understanding the business, business in general, especially sales people, and it also leads to a lot of poor decision making within an organization when you get into a leadership position and you don't have a perspective on how business is actually operate. Exactly. Yeah, I mean...'s a you can look around. You know, out their companies that are super successful, most of their leadership teams, the people there's like the C EXO suite. They come from a background of builders and sellers, right, and the reason why they got up to that level is somewhere along the way, those builders and sellers learn to think beyond simply building and selling, but more about business themselves and some of those things you just said, and I believe you know that's a not only makes people better sales folks when they're working at crunch base, but we can teach them those things. They can grow and we give them, given them kind of a very, very everlasting, I think, a gift that they can take throughout the rest of their career and hopefully we'll all come accelerate with their career and and land one of those cxo spots one day. If they want it, absolutely Neil. If folks are listening, they're inspired maybe, or they want to have a file conversation. What's the best way to get in touch with you? Hit me up on Linkedin. Awesome. And Remember, folks, there are a few neal...

...patels out there. I will tell you that, as I was just searching for Neil on linkedin. So make sure an type and you know, ptel, crunch base, and then it'll come back very quickly. Neil, thanks so much for being our guest on the show this week for the salesccer podcast. was great talking to you. Thanks I'm great talking to you too. I appreciate you having me. If folks want to reach out to me, you can linkedincom forward the word in for MF Jacobs. We also, of course, want to thank our sponsor, outreach, the number one sales engagement platform, and without further ado, we'll talk to you next time.

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