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The Sales Hacker Podcast

Episode · 4 months ago

176. How to Rock Product Marketing w/ Ajit Ghuman


In this episode of the Sales Hacker Podcast, we have Ajit Ghuman , Head of Product Marketing at Narvar and author of Price To Scale . Join us for a conversation about Ajit’s pricing philosophy, the effect that price has on customer satisfaction, and why the truth is better than feeling good.

What You’ll Learn

- The role of product marketing, perfectly summarized

- Why pricing is too often an afterthought

- How to make pricing decisions upstream

- The importance of truth telling

Show Agenda and Timestamps

- About Ajit Ghuman & Narvar [3:40]

- The role of product marketing [5:30]

- A pricing philosophy that works [8:55]

- The relationship between price & customer satisfaction [14:15]

- Why truth trumps feeling good [22:28]

- Paying it forward: shout-outs [27:16]

- Sam’s Corner [29:40]

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