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Episode · 2 weeks ago

Revenue Innovators: Insight Selling: Help Your Buyers Make the Right Decision


NOTE: This is a special episode from our sister podcast, Revenue Innovators. For more, you can subscribe to the show here or wherever you listen to podcasts.


When everyone talks about customer centricity making it easy to buy, what we've learned over the past year is some of that translates to making it easier to sell.

That’s verbatim from Hang Black, VP of Global Revenue Enablement at Juniper Networks. We had the privilege of learning from her about how the intersection between operations and enablement affects both buyers and sellers.

In this episode, we also discussed:

  • 44% of Millenials don’t want to interact with sellers at all
  • Social selling and customer-centricity
  • Why ambiverts make great sales professionals
  • What’s most desirable in automation tools
  • How the remote environment promotes diversity and inclusion

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